New directors of studies and programme manager: Geertje Bekebrede, Anneke Zuiderwijk and Özge Okur

News - 11 May 2023 - Webredactie

In the coming months, Özge Okur, Geertje Bekebrede and Anneke Zuiderwijk will become programme manager and directors of studies at our faculty. As of May 1st, Özge Okur has been appointed as program manager MSc EPA. Geertje Bekebrede will take on the role of director of studies of MSc CoSEM as of July 1st, and Anneke Zuiderwijk becomes director of studies of BSc TB as of September 2023.

As of April 2023, a restructuring has been implemented in the Education Management Team (OMT). This has freed up a number of positions so that tasks can be distributed more efficiently within the Board of Education. From now on, programme directors will be supported by a programme manager. Where the director of studies is responsible for the programme, the new programme managers will (among other things) take care of the contact with students.

Director of Education Neelke Doorn is looking forward to working with the new group of enthusiastic people: “The Education MT is a very dedicated and collegial team, so it is with mixed emotions that we have to say goodbye to Jan Anne and Ivo. With Anneke and Geertje, we found two excellent new directors of studies who also share that collegial spirit. With their appointment and with the appointment of Özge as programme manager for EPA, I am confident that the programmes are in good hands. I would like to thank Jan Anne and Ivo for their valuable work and dedication to our education. I very much look forward to collaborating with Özge, Geertje and Anneke.”

Geertje Bekebrede
Özge Okur
Anneke Zuiderwijk


Anneke Zuiderwijk is taking on the position of director of studies of the Bachelor's program in Technische Bestuurskunde. She will replace Jan Anne Annema, who is saying farewell after 6 years. “A lot has already been achieved under Jan Anne's leadership and I would like to build on that. For example, I see opportunities to improve the coordination between TB courses and the interaction between TB teachers; to further support new TB teachers who come from outside TPM; and to look into what extent our graduated TB students meet the expectations of their future employers. The visitation committee has also given us a number of relevant recommendations about the Bachelor's final project. Lastly, there are concerns among lecturers about the writing skills of our Bachelor's students and the aftermath of the corona crisis on their studies.”


Geertje Bekebrede will succeed Ivo Bouwman as director of studies of the Master's program in Complex Systems Engineering and Management. Ivo will take on the role of programme manager. “I am very pleased to become director of studies of CoSEM. I have been lecturing in CoSEM for many years and am always surprised by the creativity of the students and the will to make the world a little better. I also see the challenges faced by students and lecturers. From this position, I and my fellow lecturers want to offer a place where students can develop themselves so that they are well prepared for the labour market.” 


Özge Okur will work with Haiko van der Voort on the Master's programme in Engineering and Policy Analysis. “I have really enjoyed teaching within the EPA program over the past few years. This role means I am more involved in the structure of EPA and its activities.”


Deliberation is still ongoing about the Master's program in Management of Technology.