TPM kicks off with its first alumni gathering

News - 13 November 2023 - Webredactie

On November 9th, TPM organized its first event for alumni. About 50 former students gathered in Hall A in the evening for a night filled with connection, inspiration and the successes of our former students. Alumni often pursue rewarding careers, contributing significantly to projects. This was evident in the inspiring sessions led by Pieter Bots (Associate Professor of Policy Analysis) and alumnus Peter Hamm. The evening concluded with a delightful get-together. Curious about the event? Read the report here and mark the date of the next meeting for your graduation years in your agenda.

Celebrating connection and each other's successes was the theme of the evening. Dean Aukje Hassoldt kicked off the evening. "I'm always impressed by the careers of our former students. We form a beautiful community; let's use this evening to connect and stay in touch."

Two inspiring speakers shared their experiences as technical public administrators. Associate Professor of Policy Analysis Pieter Bots enthusiastically recounted that he was fascinated by programming as a child. During his study in computer science, the curriculum paid little to no attention to strategy and decision-making. "That's a shame. However, it gave us the opportunity to establish the ā€˜Technische Bestuurskundeā€™ program." He finds it gratifying to see that the foundation laid back then is still largely adhered to. "Back then, the emphasis was on core pillars like technology, mathematics, economics, governance, and management. That hasnā€™t changed much over the years."

Bots is proud of the TPM alumni. "You are entrepreneurial and take on significant roles such as a Chief Operational Officer (COO). I feel deeply connected to the community and hope you do too. Let's strengthen our bonds by staying in touch at these events and sharing experiences."

Finally, alumnus Peter Hamm spoke. A common question from high school and college students is what the job opportunities are. He honestly wondered the same back then. During the majority of his career, he was a project manager at the Port of Rotterdam. He led numerous projects over nine years. Afterward, he worked for over five years at APM Terminals in Los Angeles, automating its largest terminal.

"What stands out to me in my career, is that plans are often not well thought out. Team members will primarily view an assignment from their specialization. Take, for example, the placement of new wind turbines. What are good locations? This requires careful consideration from various perspectives. When I joined the project team, this wasn't the case initially. By asking questions about it, you arrive at the best solution."

According to Hamm, this is where TPM enthusiasts excel. "We can see the bigger picture of complex projects by simply asking questions and clarifying everything. That is our added value. I do this in my career, and I see it reflected in the careers of other alumni. We can be proud of that."

To conclude, there was a gathering at the TB CafƩ. Alumni and students discussed their experiences within and outside the faculty.

Would you also like to be inspired and network with other alumni? The upcoming meetings are focused on your specific study period at TPM. Alumni from 1993 to 2003 are welcome on Thursday, January 25th. Were you a student between 2004 and 2009? Then we look forward to seeing you on Thursday, February 1st. More information will follow later.