Elevate your impact in education with SEQ

News - 29 August 2023 - Teaching Support

Are you a Learning Line coordinator, member of the Boards of Examiners, track coordinator, director of studies, or programme coordinator who has finished their UTQ? 

Maybe you are a member of the assessment support staff (e.g. assessment expert/advisor) who has mastered the UTQ? Do you want to learn more about assessment on the programme level by interacting with TU Delft colleagues who also work on assessment on the programme level? Are you working on a project that improves the quality of your programme’s assessment?

If you identify yourself with one of those scenarios, then we invite you to apply for the Senior Examination Qualification Trajectory 2023 before September 8. 

If you miss the deadline, don't worry; you can join the waiting list, where we'll contact you once the next trajectory is available.

Before you apply, please read this detailed trajectory description

The SEQ consists of 5 group sessions and two individual sessions with your coach.   

Scope: During this training, you will learn to evaluate and improve assessment on the programme level (or otherwise course-superseding). The training does not focus on the assessment of individual courses. If you want to learn more about course assessment, you are advised to follow the UTQ module ASSESS.  The SEQ trajectory is aimed at:

  • Lecturers who work (or will work) with assessment at the programme or learning line level (members boards of examiners, learning line/track coordinators, programme directors/coordinators, etc.). UTQ is an entry requirement.
  • Educational/assessment advisors who advise on assessment at the programme or learning line level. We expect advisors to read up and have UTQ levels individually.

Assessment quality enhancement project: 
During the course, you will work on a project that enhances the assessment quality at the programme level. At the end of the course, you will present the (intermediate) results. 

Before you start, you must select the assessment-related topic/problem on which you will base your project on a course-superseding level. This project is typically part of your current (or future) role as e.g. track coordinator, learning line coordinator, programme director, assessment advisor, or senior member of the board of examiners (with these tasks). Your initial ideas for the project will be discussed during the intake interview. You will be coached on the project during the SEQ.

Costs: €3000 - €3500, depending on the number of participants

Time investment: 70 hours: sessions + homework (55 hours), portfolio for SEQ certificate (15 hours) from Sept 2023 – July 2024. 

Deadline: September 8 2024. The description and registration form can be found here.