New education building Flux opens in September

News - 23 August 2023 - Teaching Support

State-of-the-art facilities! By the start of the new academic year, Flux will be ready to accommodate students in a new, temporary education building on Cornelis Drebbelweg 6 (behind EEEMCS), a central on campus.

Flux has four large instruction rooms for groups ranging from 154 to 192 people. The rooms are suitable for tutorials, group work and exams (half capacity) and feature a SMARTboard, blackboards and dual projection. The operation of the audiovisual equipment is identical to the other education spaces on campus.

The student tables are arranged in rows, alternating from 'deep' to 'shallow'. Students can work together in groups at the 'deep' tables by turning the chairs. Power outlets are incorporated into the tables and all walls have whiteboards. This flexibility allows students to engage in a variety of learning methods, enhancing their understanding and collaboration. 

In the central hall, you can find cosy meeting areas and standard amenities such as vending machines, restrooms and a copier. Per usual, a team for service and support is nearby.

Flux is a demountable building. This fast and sustainable construction method was chosen because of an urgent need for more teaching spaces due to the increasing number of students. The building will stand on this site for 4 to 10 years. After that, the building will be dismantled and reused elsewhere (by TUD or externally). Other sustainable applications in Flux include solar panels on the roof and refurbished furniture in the halls and central hall.

Have a sneak preview on the online hall viewer Education Spaces Viewer or read more on the project website.