Investment in nuclear knowledge infrastructure

The necessity to maintain the leading position in the unique Dutch nuclear and radiation ecosystem

News - 16 February 2023 - Communication TNW

TU Delft has presented an integrated vision of the Netherlands' global position in the nuclear and radiation ecosystem. This ecosystem is a major and crucial contribution to the energy transition, effective healthcare and materials transition.

The Dutch government is on the brink of major investment decisions (the construction of 2 nuclear power plants and the new medical isotope production reactor Pallas). Moreover, there are several private initiatives. Parties involved acknowledge that it is crucial to invest in a broad nuclear knowledge infrastructure; a boost is needed to meet the growing demand for well-trained staff.

TU Delft wants to take responsibility and, together with the relevant ministries and public/private parties, develop concrete plans to make the entire education chain (from MBO, HBO to WO) attractive again. Research and innovation are key to attracting students and keeping the nuclear and radiation ecosystem thriving. Moreover, cooperation, as well as lifelong learning programmes, will lead to the dissemination and broadening of knowledge in the nuclear field.

The full vision document can be found on the TU Delft Reactor Institute.

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