New agreement signed between ISIS and TU Delft

News - 09 May 2023 - Communication TNW

ISIS and the Technical University of Delft signed a new agreement on the 4th of May 2023 for continued cooperation between the two institutions.

ISIS and TU Delft have had a very long-standing partnership for the development of neutron instrumentation and technologies. In particular, TU Delft, supported by funds from the Netherlands science funding agency the NWO, have worked with ISIS for the design and construction of two ISIS Second Target Station instruments over the past 15 years: the Offspec reflectometer and the Larmor small angle scattering instrument.  

Partnership in neutron technology

Dr Wim Bouwman from TU Delft said, 'The agreement signed today marks the close and ongoing partnership in neutron technology which has enabled new instruments to be created at ISIS, benefiting Dutch scientists and the wider community of researchers using neutrons. The expertise at Delft in neutron spin manipulation techniques has enabled unique capabilities to be realised on Offspec and Larmor, providing research opportunities across a wide range of topics.'

Pushing the boundaries of neutron instrumentation

Professor Roger Eccleston, ISIS Director, commented, 'The ISIS partnership with TU Delft has been extremely fruitful in pushing the boundaries of neutron instrumentation. Offspec and Larmor have been used for investigations from food science to polymer nanocomposites to fundamental magnetism, enabled by the novel instrumentation created in partnership with our Dutch colleagues. We are delighted to be able to continue our collaboration through the signing of a new agreement today.'

Pictured, above right: Dr Wim Bouwman (TU Delft) and Professor Roger Eccleston (ISIS Director) by the Larmor instrument on the ISIS Second Target Station, on the occasion of the signing of the new agreement between TU Delft and ISIS.