Open Education Ambassador Award for Timon Idema

News - 08 March 2023 - Communication TNW

On 7 March, in the occasion of Open Education Week 2023, Timon Idema received an Open Education Ambassador Award. Along with seven other TU Delft lecturers, Idema was offered the award in recognition of his commitment to openly share knowledge and educational resources with the world.

Willem van Valkenburg (left) and Timon Idema (right). Photo by TU Delft Global Initiative

Timon Idema was awarded the accolade for contributing to open education in various forms, including the freely accessible book Mechanics and Relativity, and his contribution to the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Pre-University Physics. Additionally, Idema was commended for his constant enthusiasm in involving other colleagues in open education. An example is his work on developing open education materials for the Nanobiology programme (link and materials only available in Dutch) and interactive textbooks.

The eight awardees received the award from Willem van Valkenburg, Executive Director TU Delft Extension School for Continuing Education. The ceremony took place at the Teaching Lab in the presence of colleagues, deans and directors of education.

Read the TU Delft Extension School announcement

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