Stan Brouns wins Ammodo Science Award

News - 07 March 2023 - Communication TNW

Professor of Molecular Microbiology Stan Brouns is one of the eight laureates of the Ammodo Science Award for fundamental research 2023. Brouns will receive a cash prize of 350,000 euros. In the coming years, he can use this prize to explore new avenues of fundamental research on the battle between bacteria and viruses.

Illustration: Daphne van den Heuvel

Brouns is engaged in fundamental research into the age-old battle between microbes and viruses. In particular, he studies the so-called CRISPR-Cas defence mechanisms that bacteria deploy to arm themselves against viruses. Thanks to Brouns' research we now know that bacteria possess a smart, adaptive immune system that can remember and render invaders harmless. In addition, Brouns is leading an innovative study of bacteriophages, the natural enemies of bacteria, as a possible alternative to antibiotics.

About the Ammodo Science Award

Every two years, Ammodo presents the Ammodo Science Award for fundamental research to eight outstanding mid-career scientists conducting fundamental research. For more information, visit 

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