Health Week 2023: from 6 to 12 March!

News - 06 February 2023 - Communication

Health Week 2023 is taking place from 6 - 12 March and is all about the balance in your social, mental, physical and spiritual health. Because health is not only about training your muscles and eating healthy. Having a positive attitude in life and feeling balanced is just as important.

Take time to reflect on your well-being. Let's take small steps to continue 2023 healthily because we know that a balance in your physical, social, spiritual and mental health positively affects your daily life. Come to Health Week, reflect on what health means to you and experience some of the many benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

What is there to do?
A huge number of activities will take place throughout the week; from fitness tests and nature bootcamp to a skincare workshop and a board game night. Many activities are free to attend, even without an X subscription!

Enrolment for all the Health Week activities opens on 20 February at 12.00. You can enrol via ou webshop. In the meantime, you can check the full schedule via the button below!