SclptCycle at X

News - 20 November 2023 - Communication

SclptCycle is a new ticket hour given at X TU Delft. It’s a full-body workout. During this energetic cycling workout, Sclpt® tubes are used to train your core and arm muscles. SclptCycle is the ultimate killer workout to party music. How awesome is that?!


But there is a twist: We want YOU as our instructor!

Do you like the SclptCycle workout and want to become a certified SclptCycle instructor? You can join the SclptCycle instructors training on Saturday 2 and 9 December from 12.00-18.00. If you are a X-member, the price for this course is €99,00 instead of €368,00. You will learn the principles of SclptCycle and how to become an instructor as well as an ‘entertrainer’. This is including your own set of Sclpt tubes and a goodie bag.

To qualify for participation in this teacher training, you must be a member of X but should not currently be employed by X. We are eager to welcome new faces to the X team! Additionally, you must be available on both days of the course. Last but certainly not least, a sense of rhythm is essential.

We will do our best to provide ticket hours for you to apply what you've learned. However, please note that we cannot guarantee every participant will have the opportunity to perform a ticket hour. This is subject to having a valid working permit and aligning with both X's and your own schedule. Nevertheless, as a certified instructor, you are free to work at other gyms too!

To register for the teacher training on December 2nd and 9th, please visit the website of House of Workouts or send an email to House of Workouts