The TU Delft alumni network currently has over 50,000 members worldwide, and we would like all these alumni to be able to keep in touch with each other and with TU Delft. In that way they can serve as an inspiration to current students, help fellow alumni and support TU Delft.

Alumni associations

DSA Kalman

Alumni Delft Center for Systems and Control (DCSC)

1400 alumni members

Voluntary contribution

Alumni Platform Werktuigbouwkunde Delft (A.P.W. Delft)

Studievereniging A.P.W. Delft

351 alumni members

€ 17,- contribution per year (€ 30,- including year book)

Vereniging Oud Leden S.G. William Froude

Scheepsbouwkundig Gezelschap "William Froude"

330 alumni members

€ 35,- contribution per year

Stichting voor Oud-materiaalkundestudenten Het Gezelschap Tubalkaïn

De Materiaalkundige Studievereniging "Het Gezelschap Tubalkaïn"

More than 600 alumni members

Automatically former member, membership fee n/a

Stichting Pandora Alumni

Studiedispuut Pandora

465 alumni members

Dispuut Offshore Technologie

Studievereniging Dispuut Offshore Technologie

One-off €15,- contribution "for life"