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Faculty Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering



at the rear entrance of the building.


Food and drinks:
There is a coffee corner in the 3mE buidling, supplying sandwiches and coffee.



Disabled parking spaces:
New parking spaces to the rear of the building. Signs will soon be adapted.


Floor to floor accessibility (lifts):
All floors are accessible by lift. A stair lift is available on all stairs leading to mezzanine levels; a key is required for these (available from Facility Management/porter)

Route from the car park to nearest entrance:
Ground level, use the parking and entrance at the rear end of the building.

Room to room accessibility:
Wide corridors. Most connecting doors are left open as standard.

Main entrance:
Wheelchair ramp and revolving door. Electric side door: ring the bell or open using a campus card (apply for this in advance)

Disabled toilets:
Two in total, one in the teaching section and one in the lecture room corridor.

Rear entrance:
Revolving door, ring the bell for access for a wheelchair.

Lecture rooms:
No suitable wheelchair spaces; space in front of the first row.

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