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22 February 2021

Heike Vallery in Reformatorisch Dagblad

15 February 2021

Maarten van der Elst in various media

Maarten van der Elst, trauma surgeon at Reinier de Graaf and professor of safety at TU Delft, works daily with staplers and points out that research into malfunctioning specimens is difficult.

17 December 2020

Award for paper on world’s first catheter able to make S-shaped curves in all directions

A team of researchers from the Department of BioMechanical Engineering and the Bio-Inspired Technology Group (BITE) has developed the ‘4 DoF Steerable Sigma Catheter’, the world’s first catheter with a tip able to make S-shaped curves. This catheter is controlled by two joysticks and was developed for complex interventions in the heart.

03 December 2020

Technical Medicine master students tackle COVID-19 cases

During the COVID Case Day, thirty master students from the Technical Medicine programme studied COVID-19-related cases submitted by various hospitals and health-care institutions.

30 November 2020

3mE researchers partner in two NWA-ORC consortia

Researchers from TU Delft will work together in nine consortia with the entire knowledge chain and societal organisations, and conduct interdisciplinary research that will bring scientific and societal breakthroughs within reach. Faculty 3mE takes part in two consortia.

24 September 2020

Ajay Seth receives Chan Zuckerberg grant for Open Source Software

Ajay Seth, assistant professor at the Department of BioMechanical Engineering, has received a grant of US$190,000 from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative DAF for his research on the development of Essential Open Source Software for Science. Ajay Seth is receiving the grant specifically for his ‘OpenSIM’ project, an open source biomechanics simulator to study movement to improve the usability, computational performance, maintenance and outreach of the OpenSim open source software and to support the education and training of its users around the world.

29 June 2020

Gerjo van Osch in various media

25 June 2020

Clinical technologists officially registered healthcare professionals

Good news for the technical physicians who will be first to graduate from the joint programme at TU Delft, Erasmus MC and LUMC. They can use the legally protected title of clinical technologist and register in the BIG register. This makes them officially registered healthcare professionals allowed to carry out reserved procedures independently. Clinical technologists will be given first-line status and therefore have the authorisation to register and declare healthcare activities. This is a milestone in the positioning of this still recent professional field, according to programme directors Jaap Harlaar and Pleun Hermsen.

01 June 2020

Amir Zadpoor in various media

A project team of scientists active in the Medical Delta region is testing the first prototypes of a ventilator consisting entirely of standard parts. These parts are locally stocked almost everywhere in the world and can be made by hundreds of manufacturers. As a result, the ventilator can in many cases be assembled locally. The design hopes to respond to the demand for respiratory equipment and the logistical problems that exist due to a shortage of specific parts.

15 May 2020

Bart van Trigt in various media

Bart van Trigt is researching how to reduce injuries among athletes, especially baseball and tennis players.


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