DIPO contributes to the education of Mechanical Engineering students (BSc and MSc) and BioMedical Engineering students (MSc). The tabs below provide course information, BSc and MSc assignments, and – where available - reports. 

Moreover, DIPO contributes to post-doctoral courses of PAOG [post graduate education in medicine] and is invited for guest lectures at University of Twente and The Hague University of Professional Education.

Courses [facilitated by DIPO]

DIPO facilitates a number of bachelor and master courses. For more detailed information you may follow the links provided.

Course ID Title Link course information [SIS] Link Open Course Ware Other links 
wb3201 Design of Mechanical Systems 2 SIS     
wb3470 Introduction in Mechanical Engineering Design SIS     
wb3471 Mechanical Engineering Design – Industrial Cases SIS     
wb3476 Mechanical Design SIS     
wb3110 Evolving Design SIS     
 Interfaculty Minor Multidisciplinary Design     
wb3120io Introduction Mechanical Engineering SIS     
wb2308 Biomedical Engineering Design SIS OCW   
wb2432 Biomechatronics SIS OCW 
me1110 Medical Device Prototyping SIS     

Ongoing Assignments

currently none

Past assignments

2010Humphrey Dongen [Haagse Hogeschool - Werktuigbouwkunde]
Design of cosmetic glove modification machine
2009Ad Vink [Haagse Hogeschool - Bewegingstechnologie]
Psycho-physical aspects of a shoulder harness
2007 Willemijn Draijer [Haagse Hogeschool - Bewegingstechnologie]
 Shoulder Harness – Brassiere combination
2005Hans Nicolai [Technische Hogeschool Rijswijk]
 Design of wrist prosthesis incorporating wrist flexion and pro- & supination
2004Falco Everdij [Hogeschool Haarlem]
 Design of a glove compensation mechanism for a child’s hand prosthesis
2003Harold Buddenberg [Hogeschool Utrecht]
 Optimal design of an adaptive prosthetic hand mechanism
2002Arwin Roos [Technische Hogeschool Rijswijk]
 Design of a glove compensation mechanism for a child’s hand prosthesis
2001Gerard Bakker [Haagse Hogeschool]
Measurement system for the optimization of feedback in hand prostheses
2000Sally K. Gardner [Queensland University of Technology, Australia]
 Design of a glove compensation mechanism for a child's central push rod operated prosthetic hand
2000Marrigje Pieters [Haase Hogeschool]
 Measurement system for the optimization of feedback in hand prostheses
1998Dennis Verdoes [Hogeschool Utrecht]
 Joint with adjustable stiffness
1998Michel Franssen [Hogeschool Utrecht]
 Joint with adjustable stiffness
1997Jos Boer
 Body powered children's hand prosthesis
1995Victor G. van Passel
 Design of a spring force balancer
1984Jan Bakker [Gemeentelijke HTS, ‘s Gravenhage]
 Gas consumption as a function of the supply pressure in a hand prosthesis
1984Jan Meijer [Gemeentelijke HTS, ‘s Gravenhage]
 Gas consumption as a function of the supply pressure in a hand prosthesis


Open assignments

We encourage students to define their own MSc-projects, in cooperation with the DIPO staff. You can use this list of research projects and open assignments to get some inspiration. If you have an idea, or if you want to discuss the possibilities of doing your graduation studies within the world of upper extremity rehabiltation, please contact Dick Plettenburg.

Currently available MSc-assignments within the Delft Institute of Prosthetics and Orthotics include:


Ongoing assignments

Ellen van MilDesign of a two-way control system for body powered prostheses
Thijmen StruikDevelopment and evaluation of a new method for saggital knee movement reproduction
Eric van VlietDesign of a multi-functional seating system for mini-busses
Marlous ValkImproving control in hand prostheses
Bob Bruinekool     Design of a pneumatically actuated hand prosthesis
Johan RobDesign of a miniature pressure regulator


Past assignments

2011   Victoria Asch
Optimization of a multi-chamber biochip for cell co-culture 
2011Rana Mohammed
Bamboo prehensor for the developing countries
2011Tim Kiefte
Design of the PLYOS-prehensor
2011Alireza Tousi
Design of a voluntary closing hook prosthesis
2011Ruben Pape
The effect of joint locks in underactuated hand prostheses
2010Mona Hichert
Feedback in voluntary closing arm prostheses
2010Michel Bovy
A comparison of speed skating with normal and reduced ankle eversion
2010Ferdy Wijsman
The design of a glove compensated hand prosthesis for toddlers
2010Marijn Geurts
Arm Wear: Cool prosthetics - Emotion drive design of a fashionable fore-arm prosthesis
2010Johan Nieuwendijk
Design of a voluntary closing prehensor
2010Elfri Stoop
Flex Fingers: Design of a partial hand prosthesis
2010Lisanne Ravensbergen
Transradial socket design
2009Steven den Dunnen
Design of an underactuated adaptive finger mechanism
2009Ivan van der Veld 
Design methodology for paperboard products; an application example in upper extremity prosthetics
2008 Joyce Wong
 Redesign of a fitting for an upper extremity prosthesis
2007Sander Minnoye
 Design of a leg prosthesis for snow boarding
2006Emanuele Antonucci
 Design of a voluntary closing hand prosthesis for toddlers
2005Jasper Schuurmans
 Design of an adaptive gripper for the ARM
2004Akio Morita
 Design of a cosmetic glove compensation mechanism
2003Jean-Philippe Jobin
 Optimal design of an adaptive prosthetic hand mechanism
2003Xabier Goyeneche Lasaga
 Design of a cosmetic glove modification machine
2002Thomas Platzer
 A 3D passive dynamic biped with adjustable step width
2002Elske Stellingwerff Beintema
 Design of an adaptive voluntary closing hand prosthesis
2000Susan van den Berg
 Simplifying the making of the Wilmer Open Socket
2000Martijn Wisse
 Actuated passive dynamic walking with knees
1999Lotje van Ooststroom
 Design of a prehension device for partial hand defects
1999 Dennis Magermans
 Feedback concerning pinch forces of a voluntary-closing elbow-controlled hand prosthesis, part 1
1999Rik van der Tol
 Feedback concerning pinch forces of a voluntary-closing elbow-controlled hand prosthesis, part 2
1999Maarten de Bruyne
Design of an experimental set-up for the control of the human finger
1999Michiel P. Oderwald
Design of an experimental set-up for the control of the human finger
1999Fred van den Berg
Design of a low friction forceps
1998Jasper Feijtel
Design of a voluntary closing prehensor
1998Arno Kemner
Design of a laparoscopic forceps with optimal compliance perception
1998Hans de Visser
Design of a voluntary closing hand prosthesis
1998Gabrielle Tuijthof
Design and control of a pneumatically powered gravity balanced robotic arm
1996Bahtiar Arif
Force amplification in voluntary closing hand prostheses
1996Joris Jaspers
Design of a new hand prosthesis
1995Marcel Horward
Design of a low-friction mechanism for laparoscopic forceps
1995Richard van der Linde
Design of a ballistic walking biped
1994Koen Rijnsaardt
Design of a powered cutter for pedicle screws
1994Marco Hoefman
Hand prostheses, adaptation or specialisation
1994Marten Munneke
Improving force feedback in voluntary closing hand prostheses
1994David van de Weg
Design concepts for a 2-D directional bone drill
1992Just Herder
Methods for reducing energy dissipation in cosmetic gloves
1992Ton Dubelaar
 Bone fracture healing with an external fixator
1991Peter Blok
Rolling contacts in mechanisms
1990Hans Boersma
Simulation of a hydraulic bi-phasic hand prosthesis mechanism
1990Rik Buschman
Functional Electric Stimulation of the extremities
1988Michiel Fonk
Modelling of a miniature pressure regulator
1988Marcel Taal
Feasibility of industrial production of upper limb prostheses
1987Edsko Hekman
Design of a myo-pneumatic hand prosthesis for children, part 2
1985Chris Bibbe
Miniature electrically operated pressure regulator
1985Jan Kruit
Hydraulical coupling mechanism
1984Mathijs Danz
Control of an experimental elbow disarticulation prosthesis
1984Gerard Pieterse
Myo-electric control of a hand prosthesis
1982Paul Gelderloos
Experimental bi-phasic hydraulical hand prosthesis
1981Paul Zult
Theoretical considerations on the controlability and the power consumption of an electric-pneumatic convertor
1980Ruud Eykemans
Pneumatic actuation of a hand prosthesis mechanism
1979Onno Zwart
Control concepts for a 2-DOF experimental hand prosthesis
1978Henk Schaap
Design of a piezo-electrical actuated pneumatic valve
1975Godwin van Hooreweder
Design of miniature piezo-ceramic electric-pneumatic convertor
1974Sake Roodbergen
Reduction of the power consumption of a electric-pneumatic convertor
1974Ferry van der Post
Multi-compartment pneumatic actuator
1973Rolf Jan den Adel
Power consumption reduction in a pneumatically powered hand prosthesis
1971Peter Pistecky
 Optimization of an electrically operated proportional valve


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