WILMER Central Operated Hands

Product Codes: WHD-8; WHD-12; WHD-18

These WILMER hands are part of a unique prosthetic system for children with a unilateral arm defect. The central pushrod operation system provides voluntary opening terminal devices with an operating power totally independent of the wrist rotation angle. Furthermore the control cable is situated inside the forearm socket; this offers a dramatic reduction of wear of clothing. The exchange of the hand for a hook is very simple as there is no need to detach the control cable.


  • for children with (unilateral) upper limb deficiencies at forearm or upper arm level 


  • Voluntary Opening hand prosthesis to be combined with automatically locking/unlocking wrist
  • provides excellent cosmetics
  • insensitive to sand, water and dirt
  • high efficiency (1.5 to 3 times better) compared to others on the market
  • voluntary opening hand with adjustable closing force 

Technical Specifications:

  • available in three sizes: 5 – 12 years of age (WHD-8); 10 – 16 years of age (WHD-12); small adult female (WHD-18)
  • mass: (without glove) 174 grams (WHD-8); 204 grams (WHD-12)
  • maximum opening (thumb - forefinger): 40 mm (WHD-8); 52 mm (WHD-12)
  • overall length, from wrist cover to nail surface of middle finger: 120 mm (WHD-8); 138 mm (WHD-12)