WILMER Passive Hand Prosthesis for Toddlers

Product Code: WHD-4

The WILMER Passive Hand Prosthesis is developed for children aged one through five years. This harnessless hand prosthesis aims primarily at giving the child two arms of equal length. The hand features an easy to control passive prehension function. The movements of the fingers are mechanically coupled to the movements of the thumb. By pressing an object against the finger tips, the hand opens. By slightly tilting the object, it can be grasped.

The hand prosthesis can be mounted in a passive friction wrist rotation prosthesis, available in different outer diameters.

For the age group mentioned this hand prosthesis is one of the very few available with a prehension function.


  • for children with (unilateral) upper limb deficiencies at forearm or upper arm level 

Age group

  • 1 – 5 years of age


  • passive hand prosthesis with limited grasping function to be combined with WILMER friction wrist
  • provides an excellent cosmetic support for two-armed activities
  • restoration of equal arm lengths
  • facilitates riding a tricycle, play activities: swing, turn head over heels
  • stimulates child's development positively
  • insensitive to sand, water and dirt

Technical Specifications

  • mass: 78 grams (without cosmetic glove)
  • maximum opening (thumb - forefinger) 35 mm
  • overall length, from wrist to nail surface of middle finger, 72 mm