Based upon our passion several research projects are formulated to fulfill our mission. All research starts with a clinical relevant question derived from our interaction with the prosthetic and orthotic field. For this purpose, we cherish our long-standing relation with the rehabilitation center "De Hoogstraat" in Utrecht, and with the "Sint Maartenskliniek" in Nijmegen. Through technical and clinical prototypes, the developments result in commercially available products. Over the years, many prostheses and orthoses have been made commercially available under the WILMER brand name.

Major research lines aim at voluntary closing terminal devices, solutions for above elbow defects, and the use of special [servo-]mechanisms to reduce operating effort.

Current research projects include:

  • The WILMER Appealing Prehensor
  • The WILMER 2-DOF wrist prosthesis
  • Active hand prosthesis for toddlers
  • Voluntary closing terminal devices
  • Open socket technology
  • Humeral rotation lock
  • Elbow prosthesis with forearm mass compensation
  • Elbow prosthesis for elbow disarticulation defects
  • Shoulder prosthesis
  • Mechanical servo mechanisms