Neuro Muscular Control

The Delft Laboratory for NeuroMuscular Control (NMC Lab) investigates the human motor system from an engineering perspective. The Lab is multidisciplinary; active on the borderline between dynamic modelling and system identification on the one hand and the clinical application on the other hand. In other words: between control theory and neurophysiology.

By developing new methods and devices, more and more detail of the complex human motor system can be revealed. These methods are applied to assess and understand neuromuscular control in both healthy subjects and patients with neurological dysfunction (in co-operation with university medical centres).

The research of the Delft Laboratory for NeuroMuscular Control is organized in three main research lines:

  • Sensorimotor integration (headed by Alfred Schouten) investigates how the brain and spinal cord interact with the muscles to control human movement
  • Muscle mechanics (headed by Winfred Mugge) investigates the mechanical interaction within the muscle-tendon complex and how this contributes to the joint dynamics

Within our research we collaborate with academic medical centres and industry. For current research projects and collaborations, go to research.

For software developed in the lab (like NMClab.m), go to software . For software developed in the lab (like NMClab.m), go to software.