Leg prosthetics

In this project, we investigate advanced robotic replacements for human legs. In collaboration with ETH Zürich, we realized a lightweight knee-prosthesis, the ANGELAA-leg, which replicates physiological stiffness modulation during gait:

Powered Knee Prosthesis

We are especially interested in finding out how amputees can intuitively control such an active prosthetic leg. To this end, we have investigated control strategies that use residual body motion to control the prosthesis. In addition, we are trying to find out whether sensory augmentation can help amputees control their leg.


Heike Vallery

Selected Publications

  • Pfeifer, S.; Pagel, A.; Riener, R. & Vallery, H.
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  • Pfeifer, S., Vallery, H., Hardegger, M., Riener, R. & Perreault, E. J.
    Model-Based Estimation of Knee Stiffness
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  • H. Vallery, R. Burgkart, C. Hartmann, J. Mitternacht, R. Riener, M. Buss
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    Biomedizinische Technik/Biomedical Engineering 2011 56:1 , 45-51