Integration and Operational use of Prognostics in the Control of Logistic Systems

Adriana López De La Cruz

The use of technological tools in logistics has the intention of increasing visibility, capacity and control in the supply chain. Decrease of uncertainties due to asymmetric data has been the constant challenge of management. The idea of prognostic logistics is to use real time information and an intelligent system to diagnose and predict early failures and hazardous situations.

Problem Domain

The use of Radio Frequency Identification in production environments and supply chains is increasing. Readability performance and intelligence are the main issues to realize prognostic logistics. RFID is used as a real time data capture system. Data capture is the main process in the information system. The confidence of the future predictions in prognostic logistics depends on the quality of the information that can be derived from the acquired data.


Verify the results of fundamental research in a laboratory and simulated business environments. The performance of RFID equipment and the whole based information system can be studied.


TNT case study


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