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22 April 2021

Joris Dik in various media

09 March 2021

Liselore Tissen: new ‘Face of Science’

Today, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) announced the twelve new ‘Faces of Science’. Liselore Tissen, PhD student at the department of Materials Science and Engineering and part-time at Leiden University, is one of the 12 new faces.

01 February 2021

TU Delft and ASML map non-visible materials at nanoscale with ultrasound

The increasing miniaturisation of electrical components in industry requires a new imaging technique at the nanometre scale. Delft researcher Gerard Verbiest and ASML have developed a first proof-of-concept method that they now plan to further develop.

08 December 2020

Miguel Bessa and Richard Norte have been awarded the Interstellar Initiatives Grant

Miguel Bessa and Richard Norte have been awarded an Interstellar Initiatives Grant from the Limitless Space Institute. The award is for their research ‘Origami Photonic Crystal Sails with Machine Learning’. Their research focus is about the development and demonstration of nanoscale origami photonic crystal membranes using data-driven machine learning.

30 November 2020

Arjan Mol in various media

18 November 2020

A Mechanism for Designing High-Entropy Alloys with improved Magnetic Properties

12 November 2020

More efficient conversion of heat into electricity by tinkering with nanostructure

Researchers TU Delft have not only been able to explain how nano-structures in thermoelectric materials can improve energy efficiency but they also propose a commercially more attractive way to manufacture nano-structured thermoelectric materials, increasing the chances for mass-production of thermoelectric energy. Their results were published in Nano Energy.

05 November 2020

Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing Program is the winner of HiTMaT 2020

The team, coordinated by Dr. Vera Popovich from MSE, TU Delft and in close collaboration with M2i, University of Twente, GKN Fokker and Beamler is the winner of HTSM High Tech Materials Call 2020.

26 October 2020

Geeske Langejans in BBC World

What makes things sticky?

15 September 2020

Researchers at MSE develop a novel in-situ hydrogen gas mechanical setup

MSE Researchers developed and validated a novel mechanical setup featuring an in-situ hydrogen gas and samples representing miniature pipelines.

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