The Department of Materials Science and Engineering undertakes innovative research dedicated to developing, producing, characterising and manipulating materials. Our goal is to enhance fundamental understanding, forming the basis for better performance, a longer life cycle and preserved functionality, while at the same time improving the sustainable use of resources. Critical Materials is an important connecting thread between our research areas. 

3 PhD positions from HELIOS project are open for applications at MSE of TU Delft

HORIZON-TMA-MSCA-DN PhD project (2023 – 2027)    

The adoption of hydrogen metallurgy in the climate-neutral production of steel

HEILIOS is awarded as part of Horizon Europe MSCA Doctoral Networks (DN) program. HELIOS is coordinated by KU Leuven. The consortium consists of 4 universities and 1 institute (leading in process metallurgy in Europe), and 5 companies in steelmaking and stainless steel production, with a total funding of 2.7 M€ for 10 PhD researchers. The MPRR group of MSE (TU Delft) will have 3 PhD positions in addressing key challenges in supporting the transition from carbon-based ironmaking and steelmaking by using green H2. The project is expected to start in October 2023 for 4 years. The 3 TU Delft positions are:

For more information of the HELIOS project and the open PhD positions, please contact Dr. Yongxiang Yang (email:, or visit the project website: For the interested candidates, please apply online via the HELIOS web portal.