Kleopatra Papamichou


Kleopatra Papamichou studied Physics and Materials Science in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece. She worked with the research group Magna Charta in the characterization and optimization of magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications, and more specifically, for magnetic  hyperthermia, a promising cancer treatment. She worked on polymer and magnetic nanoparticle composites for her master thesis in TU Delft, faculty of Aerospace Engineering, in Novel Aerospace Materials (NovAM) research group. On September 2018 she joined the PDEng traineeship (Professional Doctorate in Engineering) in Chemical Product Design in TU Delft, faculty of Chemical Engineering. For her Group Design Project she worked for the Vitamin B12 Institute of Rotterdam, along with a team of four young and motivated Chemical Product Designers and together they designed a treatment plan for patients with Vitamin B12 Deficiency and intestinal problems. Since September 2019 she started working on her Individual Design Project at CTE group for NLR, where she is assigned to design a sensor for monitoring corrosion in aerospace applications.



Current Project: Design of a corrosion monitoring system for aerospace applications.