Mats Meeusen

Mats Meeusen received his master degree in Materials Science at the Research Group Electrochemical and Surface Engineering (SURF), of Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB),  Belgium in 2015.

Current Project: Chromate-free inhibitor technology for protection of coated galvanized steel.All branded organic coated galvanized steel products must be chromate-free by the end of 2017. For this, basic knowledge regarding inhibitor interaction with the organic coating, influencing in-coating migration and leaching, and metal substrate as well as the protection level is needed to get an optimal new organic coated galvanized steel product in the market.
Specific inhibitors can protect one substrate and enhance corrosion for another substrate; therefore inhibitors must be screened on their intrinsic protective behavior for organic coated galvanized steels case by case. Furthermore, while inhibitors may provide active protection at coating defects, the load of chromate-free inhibitors influences coating properties by reducing its barrier properties against corrosive species. Therefore in this study, both the inhibitor-coating and inhibitor-metal interactions will be studied and optimized for the hybrid polymer-metal substrates used by Tata Steel. To this aim, fundamental understanding of the chromate-free corrosion inhibitor protection mechanism and migration through and leaching out of organic coating systems will be gained by means of dedicated (and combined) spectroscopic and (local) electrochemical techniques.

2015- present
PhD student, Materials Science and Engineering Department, The Netherlands.

MSc Materials Science, VUB, Belgium

BSc Engineering, VUB, Belgium