Research projects

Hybrid sol-gel coatings as a replacement for chromate conversion coating for the corrosion Protection of aluminium alloys
Post-doc researcher Urša Tiringer - H2020 ̶ Marie Skodowska Curie COFUND "Programme LEaDing Fellows"

In-situ study of micro- and nanoscale corrosion phenomena of electronic devices by local electrochemical techniques
PhD student Mirsajjad Mousavi – Funded by: mCBEEs

Development of innovative and ECO-friendly airframe TECHnologies from design to manufacturing to improve aircraft life cycle environmental footprint (ecoTECH) – Funded by: Clean Sky 2
Post-doc researcher Emina Michailidou - Funded by: EU H2020–CLEANSKY

QUALIFY – Enabling Qualification of Hybrid Joints for Lightweight and Safe Maritime Transport
Post-doc researcher Prakash Venkatesan – Funded by: INTERREG 2SeasMers Zeeën programme

The effect of microstructure on localised corrosion of high strength steel (MICROCORR)

PhD student Aytac Yilmaz - Funded by: NWO – M2i

In-situ TEM study of corrosion inhibition of aluminium alloys
PhD student Ali Kosari - Funded by: NWO/Akzonobel

In-situ studies of mechanisms and kinetics of corrosion inhibitor interaction with copper model alloys
Post-doc researcher Peyman Taheri - Funded by: M-ERA.NET

Chromate-free inhibitor technology for protection of coated galvanized steels
PhD student Mats Meeusen – Funded by: NWO – M2i

The effect of mobility of water and charge carriers at polymer-metal interfaces on long-term stability of a polymer-metal hybrid system
PhD student Laura-Lynn Fockaert – Funded by: NWO – M2i

Durable composite-to-metal bonded joints for heavily loaded structures at extreme environmental conditions

PhD student Joost van Dam – Funded by: NWO – M2i

Design of a corrosion monitoring system for aerospace applications
PDEng Candidate Kleopatra Papamichou – Funded by NLR

Electrodeposition of mixed chromium metal-carbide-oxide coatings: Trivalent Chromium Coating Technology (TCCT)
PhD Student Maxine Ankora – Funded by: NWO-M2i –TATA Steel








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