The ultimate research mission of CTE is to gain fundamental knowledge of local corrosion processes and promote education and best practices in corrosion control for the socio-economic benefit of society, preservation of resources and protection of the environment.

To this aim, CTE focuses its expertise on the following key research areas:-  Local electrochemical analysis of corrosion mechanisms -  Interfacial bonding of organic coatings and adhesives on metal (oxide) surfaces-  Multifunctional and eco-friendly corrosion inhibitors and evaluation of smart coatings

A full, detailed and high level understanding of local corrosion phenomena, interfacial bonding and corrosion inhibition is only to be gained by the (in-situ) application of local electrochemical and surface analysis techniques. Continuous in-house development and (in-situ) application of these micro- and nanoscale electrochemical and advanced surface analysis techniques is crucial.