How can I change my HTE or OM study program?

You can change your Master program with a Change Form via: studenten.tudelft.nl/en/students/faculty-specific/3me/education-3me/practical/student-forms/msc-forms/ Form 3: Changing form Master programmes. Always check with the Master Coordinator if the changes you want to make are valet. If you need help in choosing your electives consult the Master Coordinator before you fill out the form. The form needs to be checked and signed by the Master Coordinator before it is send to OSA via the Service Desk @ the central hall of 3mE.  

When I am ready to start my thesis projects how do I find a project and supervisor?

If you stay within the PME department it is allowed to start your Thesis Project with a max. of 6 ECTS open. If you go abroad or to a company within the Netherlands, it is not allowed to have any ECTS open in your Master Program. To get an idea of possible Thesis Projects please check the pages of the research groups of PME. Each Research group within PME has a list of available Master Projects. You can look if one of those projects appeal to you. You can also check ongoing or previous projects to get more insight in the possibilities. Furthermore you can see which supervisor is specialised in a certain area. Of course there is always room to come with own suggestions. Contact the Master Coordinator to check if you are ready and if you need advice in choosing your Thesis Project and finding a supervisor within PME. Don’t forget complete a Thesis Project Form as soon as you start with your Literature Study/Thesis Project. Go to the Master Coordinator to pick up a form and check if you are ready to start.  

I'm a Dutch HBO Student and want to enter the ME-HTE or ME-OM Master, what do I do?

Candidates with a Dutch HBO-degree Mechanical Engineering, Vehicle Engineering (Automobieltechniek), Aeronautical Engineering (Luchtvaarttechniek) or a degree of 'Hogere Zeevaartschool' can be admitted to the pre-master program. Please check the online studyguide via: www.studiegids.tudelft.nl/a101_displayProgram.do and contact Schakel-3me@tudelft.nl Also if you have another TH-degree and have questions about the possibilities for a pre-master program don’t hesitate to contact them.  

I'm form another Faculty and want to switch to the Master ME-HTE or ME-OM, what do I do?

The Faculty Admissions Committee handles all admission to master's programs and the related establishment of transitional programs for students with a different Dutch education. Admit your application via: e.p.vanluik@tudelft.nl To get an idea you can check the different Minor programs check the online studyguide via: www.studiegids.tudelft.nl/a101_displayProgram.do;  

Introweek Masters ME-HTE and ME-OM

Is it obligatory to be present at the introweek of HTE or OM?

Yes, it is obligatory since it is part of the introlab course (ME46110). Furthermore it is very useful to be present and get more insight into the research areas, curriculum and courses. Next to lectures and hands on sessions there is also enough time to get to know your fellow students better during our Barbeque, Drinks and Games & Sports day!  

How do I register for the Introweek?

All students registerd via Studielink will get an invitation a few weeks before the introduction week. The week starts right after the opening of the Academic year and is from Tuesday – Friday. If you haven’t registered send an e-mail to the master coordinator. International Students that are admitted and have paid their tuition fee are automatically registered via Studielink.  

Industrial Traineeship

Is the Industrial traineeship Obligatory?

No, it may be part of your study program. Always involve a supervisor within the PME Department when choosing a Traineeship and don’t forget to fill out an Internship Application Form studenten.tudelft.nl/en/students/faculty-specific/3me/education-3me/practical/student-forms/internships/ Furthermore let your PME supervisor and our 3mE contract Office check your Contract before you sign it.  

What are the requirements for an internship?

It is important that the Internship has a Master Level and the supervision within the company and PME is arranged properly. There needs to be a clear description of the Internship Assignment. If you complete your Internship Application Form with your supervisor, all things are specified. For more information check the online study guide description and the Education pages of 3mE. 

Do I get exemption for a traineeship if I am a former HBO student?

Unfortunately as of August 31st 2016 this is no longer possible.  

Masters Program

Eveline Matroos

Daily Coordinator Master ME-HTE & OM