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Mechanical Mode Dissipation by Substrate Mode Coupling in SiN Resonators
Matthijs H. J. de Jong, Malte A. ten Wolde, Andrea Cupertino, Simon Groeblacher, Peter G. Steeneken, Richard A. Norte
Appl. Phys. Lett 121, 032201 (2022), [e-print]


Spiderweb Nanomechanical Resonators via Bayesian Optimization: Inspired by Nature and Guided by Machine Learning
Dongil Shin*, Andrea Cupertino*, Matthijs H. J. de Jong, Peter G. Steeneken, Miguel Bessa, Richard A. Norte
Advanced Materials (2021): 2106248 (Rising Stars Issue)  [e-print

Coherent mechanical noise cancellation and cooperativity competition in optomechanical arrays
M.H.J. de Jong, J. Li, C Gärtner, R.A. Norte, S. Groeblacher
Optica 9 (2), 170-176 [e-print]


Quantum Weak Equivalence Principle and the Gravitational Casimir Effect in Superconductors
S. Bahamonde, M. Faizal, J. Q. Quach, R. A. Norte
International Journal of Modern Physics D, Vol. 29, No. 14. 2043024 (2020) 
Essay received an honorable mention for the Gravity Research Foundation 2020 Awards for Essays on Gravitation 

Efficient microwave frequency conversion mediated by a photonics compatible silicon nitride nanobeam oscillator
J.M. Fink, M. Kalaee, R. A. Norte, A. Pitanti, O. Painter
Quantum Science and Technology 5 (3), 034011 (2020) [e-print]


Feedback cooling of a room temperature mechanical oscillator close to its motional groundstate
J. Guo, R. A. Norte and S. Gröblacher
Physical Review Letters 123, 223602 (2019) [e-print]

Microwave-to-optics conversion using a mechanical oscillator in its quantum groundstate
M. Forsch*, R. Stockill*, A. Wallucks, I. Marinković, C. Gärtner, R. A. Norte, F. van Otten, A. Fiore, K. Srinivasan, and S. Gröblacher
Nature Physics. (2019) [e-print]

Nanofabricated tips for device-based scanning tunneling microscopy
M. Leeuwenhoek, R. A. Norte, K. M. Bastiaans, D. Cho, I. Battisti, Y. M. Blanter, S. Gröblacher, and M. P. Allan
Nanotechnology 30, 335702 (2019) [e-print]


Near-field coupling of a levitated nanoparticle to a photonic crystal cavity
L. Magrini, R. A. Norte, R. Riedinger, I. Marinković, D. Grass, U. Delić, S. Gröblacher, S. Hong, and M. Aspelmeyer
Optica 5, 1597 – 1602 (2018) [e-print]
Featured on the cover of Optica, December 2018

Integrated optomechanical arrays of two high reflectivity SiN membranes
C. Gärtner*, J. P. Moura*, W. Haaxman, R. A. Norte, and S. Gröblacher
Nano Letters. 18, 7171 (2018) [e-print]

Platform for measurements of the Casimir force between two superconductors
R. A. Norte, M. Forsch, A. Wallucks, I. Marinković, and S. Gröblacher
Physical Review Letters 121, 030405 (2018) [e-print]
Featured in Scientific American, August 2018

Centimeter-Scale Suspended Photonic Crystal Mirrors
J. P. Moura*, R. A. Norte*, J. Guo, C. Schäfermeier, and S. Gröblacher
Optics Express 26, 1895 – 1909 (2018) [e-print]


Hanbury Brown and Twiss interferometry of single phonons from an optomechanical resonator
S. Hong*, R. Riedinger*, I. Marinković*, A. Wallucks*, S. G. Hofer, R. A. Norte, M. Aspelmeyer, and S. Gröblacher
Science 358, 203 – 206 (2017) [e-print]

Integrated optical force sensors using focusing photonic crystal arrays
J. Guo, R. A. Norte, and S. Gröblacher
Optics Express 25, 9196 – 9203 (2017) [e-print]


Mechanical Resonators for Quantum Optomechanics Experiments at Room Temperature
R. A. Norte, J. P. Moura, and S. Gröblacher
Physical Review Letters 116, 147202 (2016) [e-print]
Viewpoint by John Teufel
Research Highlight in Nature Photonics
Science Editor's Choice

Non-classical correlations between single photons and phonons from a mechanical oscillator
R. Riedinger*, S. Hong*, R. A. Norte, J. A. Slater, J. Shang, A. G. Krause, V. Anant, M. Aspelmeyer, and S. Gröblacher
Nature 530, 313 – 316 (2016) [e-print]
News & Views by Miles Blencowe

2015 and before

Quantum Electromechanics on Silicon Nitride Nanomembranes
J.M. Fink, M. Kalaee, A. Pitanti, R. Norte, L. Heinzle, M. Davanco, K. Srinivasan, and O. Painter
Nature Communications, 7, 12396 (2016) [e-print]

Nanowire Photonic Crystal Waveguides for Single-Atom Trapping and Strong Light-Matter Interactions
S.-P Yu, J.D. Hood, J.A. Muniz, M.J. Martin, R. A. Norte, C.-L. Hung, S. M. Meenehan, J. Cohen, O. Painter, H. J. Kimble
Applied Physics Letters 104, 11110-3 (2014) [e-print]

Enhancement of Mechanical Q-Factors by Optical Trapping
K.-K. Ni, R. A. Norte, D. J. Wilson, J. Hood, D. Chang, O. Painter, H.J. Kimble
Physical Review Letters 15, 035007 (2012) [e-print] 

Gravitational-Wave Signatures in the Absence of an Event Horizon - Nonradial Oscillations of a Thin-Shell Gravastar 
Paolo Pani§, Emanuele BertiҰ, Vitor Cardosoǂ, Yanbei Chen||, Richard Norte
Physical Review Letters D, 80, 124047 (2009) [e-print]

Gravitational-Wave Signatures in the Absence of an Event Horizon - Extreme Mass Ratio Inspirals in the Spacetime of Thin-Shell Gravastar 
Paolo Pani§, Emanuele BertiҰ, Vitor Cardosoǂ, Yanbei Chen||, Richard Norte
Physical Review Letters D, 80, 124047 (2009) [e-print]

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