Sabina Caneva

Dr. Sabina Caneva is Assistant Professor in the Dynamics of Micro and Nanosystems (DMN) section at the Department of Precision and Microsystems Engineering (PME), TU Delft, since May 1st 2020.

Sabina holds an Undergraduate-Masters degree in Materials Science from Oxford University and a PhD in Engineering from the University of Cambridge. In 2016, she joined the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience in Delft as a postdoc between the Departments of Quantum Nanoscience and Bionanoscience. From 2018-2020, she was a Marie Curie Fellow working on molecular electronics and nanopore sensors.

Her current research focuses on creating nanoelectromechanical systems to study the mechanotransduction mechanisms in biological and artificial nanopores at single-molecule level. Her team develops lab-on-chip devices that integrate acoustic tweezers and nanopore technology to spatially and temporally manipulate mechanosensitive nanostructures in biomimetic membranes. The aim is to generate scalable and contact-free nanofluidic platforms to monitor both the transport properties and the dynamic response of biomolecules to applied forces. Such actuation and detection schemes can have important implications for molecular diagnostics by enabling screening of compounds that inhibit or promote protein function in real time. The group also uses a combination of solid state nanotechnology and bioactive components to design biomimetic nanopores with increased functionality that could find applications in nanomedicine as drug delivery systems for disease treatment.

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Sabina Caneva


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