dr.ir. M. (Marcel) Tichem

Associate professor Mechanical Engineering/Micro and Nano Engineering


Marcel leads a research program on manufacturing at the small length-scale. His interests include micro-assembly, photonic alignment, self-assembly of discrete components and nanomaterials, and nanoparticle patterning. Among key results are micro-fabricated structures and MEMS functions to achieve high precision alignment in integrated photonic systems, and magnetic-driven self-alignment of ultra-thin chips for flexible electronic packages. Currently, he focuses on volume scale-up of manufacturing for 3D, nano-enabled materials and devices, with key applications in micro/nano mechanical and multi-physics metamaterials and nanoparticle-based functionalities. 

Marcel leads the Nano Engineering Research Initiative (NERI), which is a collaborative research program aiming to utilize the potential of the small scale for generating breakthroughs for applications. He was a Research Fellow, funded by an EU Marie Curie IEF grant, in the Optical and Semiconductor Devices Group, Imperial College, London, in 2011, to investigate volume methods for nano-particle patterning.

Marcel Tichem

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