ir. J.W. (Jo) Spronck

Associate Professor, Mechatronic System Design

Background and research interests:

Technical University Eindhoven: Technical Physics; specialisation: plasma physics. Then six years senior scientist in Metrology at the Van Swinden Laboratory (Dutch Metrology Institute). TUDelft during 25 years in several positions all related to precision positioning systems (up to 6 degrees off freedom) with applications in the High Tech Industry.
Main research topics are:

  • Mechatronic System Design of static and dynamic Precision Positioning Systems (out of the box solutions for sub-nanometer positioning): magnetic bearing/levitation/propulsion; air-positioning; thermal positioning and ferro fluids.
  • Metrology: Sensor System Design; Interferometry and Capacitive Sensors.
Recent work
Publication list Jo Spronck

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Jo Spronck