Zhang, Jian

PhD candidate

Jian Zhang was born on November 11th, 1990, in Anshan, China. He obtained the bachelor degree of “Engineering Mechanics” from China University of Mining and Technology in June, 2013. Soon he came to Dalian University of Technology to pursue a M.Sc. degree in “Engineering Mechanics” and obtained a M.Sc. in June, 2016. Now he is a PhD candidate from Delft University of Technology under the guidance of Prof. Fred van Keulen and Dr. Alejandro M. Aragón.

PhD project

His PhD project “Computational design of hierarchical material with enhanced fracture-toughness” aims at proposing a bioinspired material model with enhanced fracture-toughness and developing a multiscale methodology to analyse and optimize it. The Discontinuity-Enriched Finite Element Method (DE-FEM) is the analysis tool to obtain material fracture properties, and this multiscale approach will not only be used to solve multiscale problem with discontinuities, but it will also be combined with optimization for obtaining the optimal material model.  Once we get this optimal material model, we will fabricate it with additive manufacturing and validate it through fracture experiments. Then we will compare the results from numerical simulations and experiments. At the end, this project will show that introducing hierarchy into the architecture of 3-D structured materials could result in the fracture-toughness increase.

DE-FEM geometric engine detecting different cracked configurations 
Mesh-independent DE-FEM solution
mode Imode IImode III
Research Interests
  • Finite element methods for crack and propagation
  • Simulation-based material design
  • Bioinspied material with hierarchical structures
  • Multiscale methods 
  • Topology optimization

Jian Zhang