J.C. (Joost) Lötters

Part-time Professor 0,2 FTE Department PME

Joost has joined PME since 10 March 2020.

Joost is Science Officer at the company Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V., Ruurlo (NL), a leading company in the field of low flow handling systems, and also partner within our NERI program. Also, Joost holds a position as part-time professor in the Integrated Devices and Systems group of the University of Twente. Next to an impressive industrial career, Joost has a strong scientific profile, as demonstrated by many publications, his activities in editorships and committees, and the organisation of conferences. He is the main organizer of the Micro Fluidic Handling Systems (MFHS) conference.

Within PME, Joost will work on innovative systems for fluid handling, with a focus on the active components (pumps, valves, control loops) as well as miniaturisation of fluid handling systems. This links to applications in the medical, bio-pharmaceutical and chemical industry, but also medical point-of-care systems. Joost is already co-supervising the iMicrofluidics project, sponsored by Bronkhorst and TKI, and collaborates with Gürhan Özkayar (PhD), Murali Ghatkesar and Marcel Tichem in this project. We foresee strengthening of our microfluidic activities related to healthcare and organ-on-chip (Angelo Accardo, Urs Staufer), and there are many activities foreseeable related to multi-scale, multi-material manufacturing and computational design and optimization. .

Joost Lötters

  • 34.G-1-370

    Faculty 3mE
    Dep. Precision and Microsystems Engineering
    Mekelweg 2
    2628 CD DELFT
    The Netherlands