Aleksandre Japaridze

Postdoctoral researcher


Aleksandre Japaridze joined the DMN research group as of 1 April 2021 as a PostDoc.

He is originally from Georgia (the country not the States, where he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Physics, before moving to Jacobs University Bremen (Germany) for his Masters. He finished his PhD in EPFL (Switzerland) where he worked on single molecule DNA Biophysics and atomic force microscopy. Since 2016 he is living in the Netherlands and have been working as a PostDoc in the Bionanoscience department in the Prof. Cees Dekker lab studying single cells biophysics.

Aleksandre Japaridze

  • Room number: F-2-250


    Faculty 3mE

    Dep. Precision and Microsystems Engineering

    Mekelweg 2

    2628 CD DELFT

    The Netherlands


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