Master Assignments

As a PME MSc student you are welcome at any time to do your MSc assignment in the field of our research (see research page). Typically you will look for a team with a PhD student and an advisor. Usually MSc assignments are tailor made: you are invited to contact us. In some cases MSc assignments are partially conducted at a company or another (international) university. There are also several project ideas already prepared, some of which are listed here below. 

For other available Master Projects, find your interest looking at past projects, MSD research page and contact corresponding research staff.

Past Student Projects
  • Active damping control, contact  Dr. Hassan HosseinNia
  • Mechatronic design for active damping of compliant mechanism, contact  Dr. Hassan HosseinNia
  • Architecture design of reset controllers for Precision Motion Systems, contact  Dr. Hassan HosseinNia
  • Implementation problems of reset controller for precision motion applications, contact  Dr. Hassan HosseinNia
  • Distribution of actuation and sensing for damping of flexible mechanisms, contact  Dr. Hassan HosseinNia
  • 3D compliant mechanismsJelle Rommers
  • Deformation decay in MetamaterialsIr. Freek Broeren
  • Dilational SurfacesIr. Freek Broeren
  • Use nonlinearity effect to create damping for precision system, contact  Dr. Hassan HosseinNia
  • New generation of motion Control for mechatronic system with flexibility, contact  Dr. Hassan HosseinNia
  • Ferrofluid Bearing Modelling (FEM/CFD), Ir. Stefan Lampaert , Dr. ir. Ron van Ostayen
  • Optimization of a low speed, high torque, high pressure seawater pump design, Dr. ir. Ron van Ostayen
  • Tribotronics: Design of ‘frequency tuned' air bearings, Dr. ir. Ron van Ostayen
  • Tribotronics: Design of a deformable surface contactless handler: Mechanical design, Dr. ir. Ron van Ostayen
  • Tribotronics: Design of a deformable surface contactless handler: Integrated actuator design, Dr. ir. Ron van Ostayen
  • Tribotronics: Design of a fixed geometry contactless handler: micro-pneumatics, Dr. ir. Ron van Ostayen
  • Tribotronics: Contactless handling of bowed and warped substrates, Dr. ir. Ron van Ostayen
  • Development and optimization of Ferro-fluid bearings: Computational modelling, Dr. ir. Ron van Ostayen
  • Development and optimization of Ferro-fluid bearings: Improving the sealing characteristics, Dr. ir. Ron van Ostayen
  • Design and validation of x-high speed aerodynamic / aerostatic bearings, Dr. ir. Ron van Ostayen
  • Tribology and Optimization, Dr. ir. Ron van Ostayen
  • Tribotronics, Dr. ir. Ron van Ostayen
  • Compliant and Statically Balanced Constant Velocity Universal Joint, contact Davood Farhadi
  • Deployable Compliant Constant Velocity Universal Joint via Lamina Emergent Arrays, contact Davood Farhadi
  • Compliant Cycle Amplifier Based on Path Generation Mechanisms, contact Davood Farhadi
  • Smart high-tech systems: MSc topics with ASM International
  • Singularity Elimination of Slider-Crank Mechanism by Means of Elastic Potential Energy
  • Compliant Overrunning Clutch in Application of Micro Transmission Mechanisms
  • Statically Balanced Micro Mechanical Motion Amplifier
  • Static balancing of translational parallel mechanisms Design of an optomechanical instrument for singulation and characterisation of biological cells (collaboration with Hittech Multin), contact Prof. dr. ir. Just L. Herder
  • Design of an improved ferrofluid bearingconcept for a fast long stroke linear actuator, contact Jo Spronck
  • Design of a ferrofluid vacuum seal concept allowing a fast long stroke, contact Jo Spronck
  • Design of a capacitive force sensor for variable ranges in stiffness and force, contact Jo Spronck
  • Feasibility study to use hall sensors for 6DOF magnetic contactless positioning, contact Jo Spronck
  • Design of a low stiffness pressure control valve
    student: Nils Velders
    advisor: Jo Spronck, Patrice Lambert
  • Design of an improved XY360° positioning stage for microscopy
    student: Tobias Scheepers
    advisor: Jo Spronck
  • Design of an improved 6DOF positioning stage with nanometre stability for AFM measurements 
    student: Bas Fellinger
    advisor: Jo Spronck
  • Design of a new concept for impact positioning in 1-3 DOF
    student: Joost Kortleve
    advisor: Jo Spronck
  • Design of a 2 DOF optical scan system for eye diagnostics
    student: Gijs Bruining
    advisor: Jo Spronck, Just Herder, Huib Simonsz
  • Design of a hybrid inertial sensor for measurement of absolute displacements
    student: Floris Klein Horsman
    advisor: Johan Vogel, Jo Spronck
  • Design of a cabin for a 6DOF flight simulator at MaxPlanck Tuebingen
    student: Mengying Zhang
    advisor: Jo Spronck, Joost Vernooij, Just Herder, Werner van de Sande
  • Design of a haptic control setup for a steering needle
    student: Sa Wang
    advisor: Jo Spronck, Teun Hoevenaars, John van den Dobbelsteen
  • Design of a low cost haptic device
    student: Erik Jansen
    advisor: Teun Hoevenaar, Jo Spronck
  • Design a course fine stage demonstrator with no power consumption in the fine stage
    student: Bart Joziasse
    advisor: Jo Spronck
  • Development of a Modular Contactless Transport Demonstrator (Collaboration with A.B.U.) 
    student: Jelle Snider 
    advisors: Ron van Ostayen, Vuong Hong Phuc (A.B.U.)
  • Development of a Modular Air Conveyor Demonstrator and Sensor (Collaboration with A.B.U.) 
    student: Eshan Vagher 
    advisors: Ron van Ostayen, Vuong Hong Phuc (A.B.U.)
  • Investigation of Energy-Conserving Hyper-reduction Techniques for Non-linear FE 
    student: Thej Kiran Ravichandran 
    advisors: Ron van Ostayen, Daniel Rixen (TU Munich)
  • Development of Distributed on Demand Supply for Air Conveyor Systems 
    student: Stefan Brilstra 
    advisors: Ron van Ostayen
  • Packaging Electronics (Collaboration with ASML) 
    student: Thomas Scholten 
    advisors: Ron van Ostayen, Matthijs Langelaar
  • System Design of the Flowerbed 
    student: Martijn Krijnen 
    advisors: Ron van Ostayen, Vuong Hong Phuc (A.B.U.)
  • Design of Aerostatic Bearing Pads with Defined Dynamic Properties 
     student: Ruud Hoogeboom 
    advisor: Ron van Ostayen
  • Actuation System Design for a 3-DoF Contactless Wafer Stage
    student: Xinsheng Huang 
    advisors: Ron van Ostayen, Vuong Hong Phuc (A.B.U.)
  • Thermo-Mechanical Modelling of a Hydrostatic Machine Tool Spindle (Collaboration with Hembrug) 
    student: Bart de Wolf 
    advisors: Ron van Ostayen
  • Instability Analysis of Rotor Bearing Systems using Continuation Methods (Collaboration with M.H.I. Equipment Europe) 
    student: Ferry van Breemen 
    advisors: Ron van Ostayen, Rob Eling (TUD, MHI)
  • Robust Optimization of Expensive Models (Collaboration with M.H.I. Equipment Europe) 
    student: Frank Immerzeel 
    advisors: Ron van Ostayen, Matthijs Langelaar, Rob Eling (TUD, MHI)
  • The Behavior of High Speed Rotors on Fluid Film Bearings (Collaboration with M.H.I. Equipment Europe) 
    student: Mathys te Wierik 
    advisors: Ron van Ostayen, Rob Eling (TUD, MHI)
  • Distributed Sensing for Contactless Substrate Transport 
    student: Yvonne Voorrips 
    advisors: Ron van Ostayen
  • Evaporative Two-Phase Micro-flow Modelling 
    student: Caspar Hanselaar 
    advisors: Ron van Ostayen, Barry Zandbergen (Dept. Aerospace Eng.)
  • High Pressure Dynamic Seal Development for SOCCS Flow Return Tube (Collaboration with Shell) 
    student: Michiel van Arkel (CiTG) 
    advisors: Andrei Metrikine (CiTG), Ron van Ostayen
  • Frictional Behaviour of Pigs in Motion (Collaboration with Shell) 
    student: Arie den Heijer (P&E) 
    advisors: Maurice Hendrix (P&E), Willem-Paul Breugem (P&E), Ron van Ostayen, Ruud Henkes (Shell)
  • Piezo Hysteresis compensation in Active Base frame Support, 2016 (Collaboration with ASML)
    student: Rahul Sinha 
    advisors: Dr. Hassan HosseinNia, Bas Jansen (ASML), Hans Butler
  • Vibration Modal Identification and Distributed Force Control of Flexible Structures, 2016
    student: Luca Marinangeli
    advisors: Dr. Hassan HosseinNia, Farbod Alijani
  • Deformable gripper design using distributed actuators, 2015
    student: Tian Luo
    advisor: Dr. Hassan HosseinNia
  • Reset Control Implementation  on Precision Positioning Stage, 2015
    student: Tang Jiahong
    advisor: Dr. Hassan HosseinNia
  • Model free control of Precision Positioning Stage, 2015
    student: Xiao Zhang
    advisor: Dr. Hassan HosseinNia
  • Development of a Distributed ‘Shell’ Actuator,  2015
    student: Raoul Timmerman
    advisor: Dr. Hassan HosseinNia
  • Improving Performance of Stepping Piezo Actuators,  2015 (Collaboration with ASML)
    student: Sanidhya Naikwad
    advisor: Dr. Hassan HosseinNia
  • Controlled dosing of femto-litre volume liquids using hollow cantilevers,  2015
    student: Xi Cao
    advisor: Dr. Hassan HosseinNia
  • Design and control of quasi-passive exoskeleton,  2015 (Collaboration with Intespring)
    student: Alex van Domburg
    Co-advisor: Dr. Hassan HosseinNia
  • Design of variable impedance leg for Rhex robots,  2015
    student: Bas Verhulp
    advisor: Dr. Hassan HosseinNia
  • Shell-based force distribution systems, 2016
    Student: Joep Nijssen
    Advisors: Giuseppe Radaelli, Just Herder
  • Compliant energy storage devices, 2016
    Student: Wouter van Zoest
    Advisors: Nima Tolou, Just Herder
  •  Orthoplanar piezoelectric energy harvesting, 2016
    Student: Robbert van Kempen
    Advisors: Nima Tolou
  •  3D printed flexure mechanism characterization, 2016
    Student: Willem de Vree
    Advisors: Just Herder, Martijn Wisse (BMechE)
  •  Low friction force transmission in catheter tips, 2016
    Student: Arjan Scheerhoorn
    Advisors: Patrice Lambert
  • Force isotropy in compliant metamaterials, 2016
    Student:Arnoud Delissen
    Advisors: Giuseppe Radaelli, Just Herder, Dr. Jonathan Hopkins (UCLA)
  •  Static balancing of reconfigurable mechanisms, 2016
    Student: Daniel Robertson
    Advisors: Just Herder, Dr. Chin-Hsing Kuo (Taiwan Tech)
  • Concepts, modeling and optimization of thin electro-magnetic energy harvesters, 2016
    Student: Reinier Alberda, 2016
    Advisors: Nima Tolou 
  • Compliant environmentally-interactive snake-like manipulator
    Student: Sergio Jainandunsing
    Advisors: Just Herder, Dick Plettenburg (BMechE), Prof. Yukio Takeda and Dr. Daisuke Matsuura (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • Compliant transmission for reciprocating gear mechanism, 2016
    Student: Jan Wessels
    Advisors: Davood Farhadi Machekposhti, Nima Tolou
  • Compliant continous-locking micromechanism, 2016
    Student: Sjoerd van Bracht
    Advisors: Davood Farhadi Machekposhti, Nima Tolou
  • Closed-loop two-fold tape loop mechanisms, 2016
    Student: Rik Houwers
    Advisors: Giuseppe Radaelli, Just Herder
  • Statically balanced compliant sound barriers
    Student: Hoessein Alkisaei, 2016
    Advisors: Giuseppe Radaelli, Just Herder, Dr. Henriette Bier (Dept. Architecture), Prof. Bert Sluys (Dept. Civil Engineering)
  • Design 6 DOF ferro fluid stage for white light microscopy
    student: Max Cafe
    advisor: Jo Spronck
  • Design a XY360° positioning stage for microscopy
    student: Haris Habib
    advisor: Jo Spronck
  • Design a low cost XY positioning stage for microscopy using optical mouse sensors
    student: Gihin Mok
    advisor: Jo Spronck