Fractional order Loopshaping Toolbox

The novel fractional order controller design toolbox combines the industry standard loopshaping technique of designing control with fractional order filters for greater freedom in design. This serves as a good base for control engineers in industry to experiment with and employ fractional order filters in their control design. With different fractional order approximation techniques being part of toolbox, it also serves as an educational tool for students.

 The toolbox provides different performance metrics (Gain Margin, Phase Margin, Modulus Margin, Bandwidth ) for assessment. The open loop along with closed loop sensitivity functions are displayed in the frequency domain. Time domain performance can also be evaluated for step, sine and sawtooth reference waveforms along with performance in presence of disturbance (step, sine or Gaussian) and noise (sine or Gaussian).

The toolbox can be accessed in MATLAB in the installed folder using the command  ‘FLOreS’. The plant for which the controller is to be designed can be imported from workspace as either tf or frf. Example mechanical plants are also loaded and can be accessed for educational purposes.

Guideline to use this toolbox can be found in the following reference:

Lennart van Duist, Gijs van der Gugten, Daan Toten, Niranjan Saikumar, S. Hassan HosseinNia, FLOreS - Fractional order loop shaping MATLAB toolbox, 3rd IFAC Conference on Advances in Proportional-Integral-Derivative Control 2018.

To access toolbox folder click the figure below: