Precision Control for Flexible Mechatronic Systems



Project term


Ali Ahmadi Dasterjdi (PhD), Dr. Niranjan Saikumar (PD)

Dr. Hassan HosseinNia, Prof. dr. ir. Just Herder


The objective of this project is to develop a new class of nonlinear controllers for precision motion control applications which will enable the Dutch high tech industry to push the boundaries of control performance. Increasing demands on bandwidth, precision and robustness cannot be met with industry standard linear controllers. However, most existing nonlinear controllers are not favoured due to their complexity. This project envisions to bridge the gap between nonlinear concepts in academic research and industry standards.  One such nonlinear technique considered is ‘Reset control’ which allows for improved performance. However, this leads to new challenges in design and analysis. Additionally nonlinearities also introduce unwanted elements which can degrade performance in some areas which also need to be addressed. We will develop industry standard nonlinear controllers with simple design techniques, methods for frequency domain analysis and solutions to overcome problems introduced by nonlinearity.

This figure shows improvement in precision and tracking seen with one of the designed advanced controllers


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