Thermal Effects

Thermal effects in precision devices: high precision inkjet systems

The increasing demands in accuracy and productivity in the precision industry are increasingly difficult to meet due to thermo-mechanical issues. Thermal errors – a relative displacement of a specific point due to thermal loading – induced by dynamic thermal loading are the main challenge in the design of tomorrow’s precision devices.

The project HIPRINS aims to develop knowledge and expertise in the design of dynamic thermally loaded precision machines, develop an understanding and design methodology of such systems and apply these methodologies on a particular application field: high precision industrial inkjet printing systems.

Active positioning and passive fixation using friction in capacitive displacement applications

Sensor positioning is critical for achieving a measurement accuracy in the picometre range with capacitive displacement sensors. This thesis discusses the contradictory requirements that the sensor alignment application imposes: motion capability combined with extreme displacement stability. In addition, it explores three micrometre scale positioning methods that do not compromise the position stability. All three positioning methods use the properties of friction contacts to achieve the combination of stability and position ability.