Optimal haptic master

Optimal haptic master

Mechatronic optimal design of parallel haptic master devices

PhD student

Ir. A.G.L. Hoevenaars (Teun)
Prof.ir. J.L. Herder
Prof.ir. J.L. Herder



This research is part of the H-Haptics programme (www.h-haptics.nl). H-Haptics is a large multi-disciplinary research programme in the Netherlands that aims to develop Human-centered Haptic devices, which assist humans in performing a wide variety tasks. 

More specifically, this research is centered around the master device, which forms the haptic interface between the telemanipulation system and the human operator. The project will apply novel insights from both parallel robotics and shared control to develop master devices with unprecedented transparency and increased situational awareness.



The objective of this research is to develop principles for optimal mechatronics design of haptic parallel master devices. To achieve this goal, insights from systems engineering, mechatronics and optimization theory will be combined and the research will be done in close collaboration with other researchers and industry involved in the H-Haptics project.


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