Master Assignments

This page contains M.Sc. assignments that are offered by the Structural Optimization and Mechanics section to TU Delft students. This page also contains ongoing and past projects.

Available Student Projects





Structural-dynamic Topology optimization of Offshore Hammer Anvil for Noise Emission

topology optimisation, offshore, noise reduction, pile driving



Moving mesh method in addtive manufacturing

selective laser melting, process modelling, heat transfer, mesh refinement

Yabin and Can  


A quest for lattice materials for actuation

lattice materials, finite elements, actuation, matrix method



Topology optimization of Dynamic structures

Topology optimization, dynamics of structures, passive structures

Sasan and Matthijs 


Robust optimization of AFM cantilevers

dynamic structures, topology optimization, Atomic force microscopy

Sasan and Matthijs 


ADTOP: An adaptive design-resolution based topology optimization approach for high resolution structures

adaptive approach, high resolution design, topology optimization

Deepak, Matthijs

Modeling of foldable metamaterials through finite rotation shell elements

Metamaterials; shell elements; finite element modelling

Sanne, Alejandro, Fred

Electrostatic breakdown at the nanoscale

Electrostatic breakdown; (multi)physics; microstructures

Roy, Hans

Modeling of metamaterials with differential thermal expansion

Metamaterials; thermal expansion; self-folding; finite element modeling

Sanne, Alejandro

Modeling of metamaterials subjected to differential swelling

Metamaterials; swelling; self-folding; finite element modelling

Sanne, Alejandro

Topology optimization of metamaterials with negative thermal expansion

Metamaterials; negative thermal expansion; periodic unit cell; topology optimization

Sanne, Alejandro


Topology optimization of 3D auxetic metamaterials

Metamaterials; negative poisson ratio; auxetics; periodic unit cell; topology optimization

Sanne, Alejandro

Design of metamaterial ‘pop-up’ micro-structures by plate buckling

Metamaterials; buckling; micro-fabrication; optimization

Sanne, Alejandro

Optimization of origami folding patterns for metamaterials

Metamaterials; origami; finite element modeling; optimization

Sanne, Alejandro

Constructal theory-driven topology optimization

Constructal theory; topology optimization; optimal designs

Deepak, Matthijs

Actual surface-stress measurement in biological detection

FEM; experiments; micromechanical sensors; surface stress

Banafsheh, Hans, Luigi

A micro-mechanical sensor based on electrostatic pull-in

FEM; experiments; electrostatics;  micromechanical sensors

Banafsheh, Hans

Selection and examination of materials for high energy physics applications

Iter; CERN; materials

Fred, Stefanie Langeslag

New finite element formulations for computational contact mechanics

Contact mechanics; GFEM/XFEM; IGFEM


Design of super sensitive probes for biological applications

AFM; Biological AFM; Harmonic Probes; bimodal AFM

Sasan, Hamed, Fred 

Overheating protection model for AM-ready topology optimization (internship at Fokker is a possibility)

Heat transfer; (1D) simplified model;  topology optimization; additive manufacturing

Marko Bosman (Fokker) Matthijs, Can

Bayesian calibration of cantilevers for atomic force microscopy

Cantilever dynamics; AFM cantilever calibration; Bayesian estimation; sader method of calibration; thermal tune method

Sasan Keyvani, Hamed Sadeghian, Fred van Keulen

Design/optimization of ultrasonic nanophotonic sensor

Membranes; photonics; ultra sonics


Simulating compliant thin-walled structures

Computational; design sensitivities; shells, compliant mechanisms


Mechanics of polishing process

Surfaces; mechanics; VDL-ETG


Evaluation of robust ring resonators Implemented in TriPleX technology

Integrated photonics; fabrication variation characterization; ring resonators, optical filters, robust design

Samee, Matthijs, Peter Harmsma (TNO)

Tuning stress in metal nano-films 

FEM; elasticity; nano-sized metal films;  macroscopic anisotropy; preferred crystalline orientation 

Amarante Bottger, Fred

Heat flow manipulation by topology optimization

Optimization; heat flux manipulation; interfaces; roughness; diffusion zones; scaling from micro to nano; design of nano-composites; predetermined heat conductivity

Amarante Bottger, Fred

Discrete dislocation plasticity of thin films

Discrete dislocation plasticity; thin films; obstacles; size effects; stress-strain response


Topology Optimization for Tomography

Topology optimization; geophysical imaging; medical imaging; nondestructive testing; cavity detection

Deepak, Matthijs

Aerodynamic modelling of clap-fling mechanism of flapping wings

Micro air vehicle; flapping-wings, clap-fling;  mechanism; aerodynamic modelling

Hans, Qi

Mimic and control a hexbug nano

Structural dynamics; non-linearities; local structural changes and control

Hans, Hugo

Dynamics of piezoelectrical print heads

MEMS; multiphysics; FEM; analytical modelling; Impedance FRF


Design of prestressed compliant mechanisms

Continuation MSc work of Gerrit Uitslag, n-Dof systems; post-buckling analysis


Moving particles with standing waves

Eigen modes; actuation; sensitivities; computational; control; experiment

Fred, Hans

Topology optimization of dikes to influence wave patterns

Surface waves; topology optimization; computational; experiments

Fred, Matthijs

Morphing paddle

Morphing structures; thin-walled structures; design; nonlinearity; nearly inextensional bending; composite materials

Fred, Hans

Topology optimization of transient dynamic systems using reduced basis techniques

Modal basis; adjoint sensitivities; dynamics; computational; topology optimization

Fred, Matthijs

Tow placement optimization of composite shells

Angle set method; 3D shells; fiber angles

Matthijs, Fred

Topology optimization for AM

AM; topology optimization; several projects can be defined

Can, Matthijs, Fred

Ongoing projects






The DISSTINCT shaker experiment; identification of an installed monopile

Structural dynamics, offshore wind turbines, experimental dynamics, soil-structure interaction


Robin Greeuw

Feasibility of new FE formulations within topology optimization

Topology optimization, checkerboard pattern, higher-order finite elements, p-adaptivity


Jan Willem Feitsma

Vasculature optimization of actively-cooled materials

Shape optimization, IGFEM; SUPG FEM, active-cooling, heat transfer


Gonçalo Valente

GPU-based topology optimization

GPU computing, parallel solvers, CUDA

Matthijs, Deepak, Gijs, Martin van Gijzen

Michiel Dondorp

Experiment optimization for optimal parameter distinguishability in thermal feedforward models

Thermomechanics, FE model updating, Optimization

Gijs, Stan van der Meulen (ASML)

Sebastiaan Hekner

Determination of critical loads for aeroplane wing optimisation

Determination of critical loads for aeroplane wing optimisation

Fred, Guillermo Jenaro-Rabadan

Saskia van der Wurff 

Modelling of Additive Manufacturing using eigenstrains

Additive manufacturing, selective laser melting, eigenstrains, residual stress, finite elements

Can, Fred

Marc Fransen

Response modifications of resonating structures (an experimental approach)

eigensolution sensitivities, local structural changes, experimental setup, response control

Hans,  Hugo

Caspar Banis

Analytic nonlinear stability analysis of a turbocharger rotor-bearing system

nonlinear vibrations , turbocharger, rotor-bearing system, bifurcations


Ferry van Breemen

Control the flapping amplitude of the resonating Atalanta

structural dynamics, eigenproblem sensitivities, and aeroelasticity

Hans,  Hugo

Roel Diekerhof

Speeding up an AFM measurement by altering the Q factor

high speed AFM

Hamed, Fred, Maarten van Es (TNO)

Rolf Swuste

Topology optimization of electrochemical cells

Battery, electrodes, topology, electrochemistry, multiphysics, Comsol

Matthijs, Floris

Tianchi Xu

Topology optimization of multi-material damped structures for vibration isolation

Viscoelastic damping, constrained layer damping, space satellites, topology

Gijs, Jan de Vreugd (TNO)

Max van der Kolk

AM-specific manufacturing constraints for topology optimization

Overhang constraints, 3D printing, residual stress, build orientation

Matthijs, Can, possibly Javad Fatemi (Dutch Space)

Anton Driessen

Topology optimization for load sensing bearings

Topology, strain sensing, component identification, bearing housing design, sensor placement

Matthijs, Gijs, Stijn

Nisarg Gandhi

Topology optimization of critical components in large structures

Substructuring, connecting dissimilar meshes, shell-solid coupling, ship design

Matthijs, John Mackay, Fred

Martijn Stolk

Efficient global robust optimization of a rotor-bearing system

Rotordynamics, robust optimization, Kriging, global optimization, multifidelity

Matthijs, Samee, Rob Eling

Frank Immerzeel

Topology Optimization of a heat exchanger

Heat exchanger, heat transfer, cooling channels, multiphysics, fluid flow, topology

Matthijs, Floris

Panagiotis Papazoglou

Thermo-mechanical modelling of additive manufacturing with thermal modes

Additive manufacturing, selective laser melting,thermal modes, heat diffusion, simulation,  residual stress, elasticity, plasticity, finite elements

Can, Fred

Frank Vermeulen

Thermo-mechanical modelling of Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, selective laser melting, heat diffusion, simulation,  residual stress, finite difference, finite elements

Can, Fred

Marius Knol

Topology optimization for dynamics

topology optimization, dynamics, model reduction


Thomas van der Linde

Topology optimization using finite cell method

Finite Cell Method, large-scale problems, high performance computing, TO

Martin Ruess (LR), Matthijs

Jeroen Groen (LR)

Topology optimization with buckling constraints

Buckling, topology, imperfection sensitivity, stability

Matthijs, Fred

Mohammadreza Karimian

A quest for lattice materials for actuation

Topology optimization, homogenization, 3D printing, cellular structures, thermomechanical

Can, Matthijs, Cihan Tekoglu (TOBB University)

Tom Pronk

Using topology optimization for actuator placement within motion systems

Topology optimization, actuator placement

Gijs, Matthijs

Stefan Broxterman

Enhancing dynamical properties of deformable mirrors

plates, prestress, dynamics, bandwidth, wave fronts

Past projects





The development of a micro catalytic expansion engine for the Atalanta MAV


Henrik Heuve

Topology optimization with buckling constraints

Buckling, topology, imperfection sensitivity, stability

Matthijs, Fred

Sanne van den Boom

Topology optimization of composite structures

Composites, fiber placement, planar

Matthijs, Alex

Taco Yap

Failure Criteria for Adhesive Bonds

FEM, experiments, adhesive bonds, failure

Matthijs, Ilja (ASML)

Sainath Kadam

Topology optimization for transient thermo-mechanical systems

topology optimization; transient analysis; multi-material; thermo-mechanics; ASML

Evert, Matthijs, Fred, Marco Koevoets (ASML)

Emiel van de Ven