Coupled CFD-DEM simulations and experiments on 3D fluidized beds containing elongated particles: effects of particle size aspect ratio

This project is part of a larger ERC project in which quantitative understanding of the hydrodynamics of gas-fluidized systems of non-spherical granular particles will be achieved through a combination of modelling and experimentation, with an emphasis on modelling. The models range from detailed models of particle and fluid interactions, to more coarse-grained models, which use correlations obtained from the fundamental models, for large-scale applications. The models are validated experimentally, using state-of-the-art non-invasive techniques such as particle image velocimetry, digital image analysis and magnetic particle tracking.

This particular project focuses on the effect of particle size aspect ratio on the bulk hydrodynamics of elongated particles. Its aim is to develop a functional DPM model for simulation of dense gas-solid flows of inelastic non-spherical particles and validate it with in-house MPT experiments. This model will be used to obtain particle stress correlations for use in more coarse-grained models.

Figure 1. Snapshots of DPM fluidized bed simulations showing particle positons and fluid velocity (left) and particles orientations (right)

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Involved People:
Barry Fitzgerald
Vinay Mahajan
Ivan Mema

Johan Padding

Facilities used: