Computational modeling of turbulent spray combustion

Spray flames are widely used in industrial furnaces, power generation system, etc. and there is a need for computational models to predict their properties. The objective of this project is to develop and validated accurate and efficient modeling approaches for turbulent spray combustion. The models should describe the main physical and chemical processes, notably phase change, turbulence, chemical reaction and radiation and their mutual interactions.  Models will be developed for dilute spray combustion and for the coupling between dense spray and dilute spray regions.

The PhD project is completed. On May 17, 2016, Likun has received the doctor degree, with designation Cum Laude.

PhD thesis: L. Ma, Computational Modeling of Turbulent Spray Combustion, TU Delft, 2016 

Other publications
L. Ma, S. Zhu, H.R.C. Rodrigues, M.J. Tummers, T.H. van der Meer and D.J.E.M. Roekaerts, Numerical investigation of ethanol spray-in-hot-coflow flame using steady flamelet model, In: Proceedings of the 8th Mediterranean Combustion Symposium, ÇeÅŸme, Izmir, Turkey, September 8-13, 2013, Paper EGTSC-13, 13 pages, Editors: Nevin Selcuk, Federico Beretta, Mohy S. Mansour, and Andrea d’Anna. Publisher: International Centre For Heat and Mass Transfer, METU, Ankara, Turkey.

L. Ma, B. Naud and D.J.E.M. Roekaerts, Modeling ethanol spray jet flame in hot-diluted coflow with transported PDF, In: Proceedings of SPEIC14 – Towards Sustainable Combustion, Lisbon, November 19-21, 2014, paper 109, 6 pages

Likun Ma, Bertrand Naud, and Dirk Roekaerts
Transported PDF Modeling of Ethanol Spray in Hot-Diluted Coflow Flame
Flow Turbulence Combust (2016) 96:469–502 

L. Ma, D. Roekaerts, Modeling of spray jet flame under MILD condition with non-adiabatic FGM and a new conditional droplet injection model, Combustion and Flame, 2016, 165:402-423

L. Ma, D. Roekaerts, Structure of spray in hot-diluted coflow flames under different coflow conditions: a numerical study, Combustion and Flame, 2016, accepted for publication

L. Ma, D. Roekaerts, Numerical study of the multi-flame structure in spray combustion,
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 2017, accepted for publication

Fluid Mechanics

Involved People:
Likun Ma

prof.dr. D.J.E.M. Roekaerts

Facilities used: