Mission statement of the P&E department:

"World-Class Research & Education Focusing on Process & Energy Technologies for Sustainable Development"

The Process & Energy Department aspires to conduct world-class research & education focusing on process & energy technologies for sustainable development. The research is conducted from a deep understanding of the underlying physics and is oriented towards industrial applications and societal needs. Our research is founded on expertise and interest in the fields of Engineering Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Separation Technology and Energy Technology. The research is characterised by the interplay between modelling and experimentation, spanning a range of length scales from molecule to plant and product and building on truly unique experimental facilities. The constituent research groups strive for scientific leadership in their area of research and jointly strive for a centre of excellence as a department.

Research conducted at the P&E department

We envision that in the coming decades a transition from a fossil/conventional energy conversion towards entire electrification will take place in our society. Our objective is to develop processes supporting this transition, by making existing processes more efficient and developing novel and hybrid green technologies that use electricity as primary energy source to produce a.o. heavy transportation fuels and bulk chemicals.  Our methods are ranging from essential fundamentals (thermodynamics and fluid dynamics) to applied/enabling technology (energy technology/storage, process intensification and multi-phase systems).