In the media

26 October 2020

Geeske Langejans in BBC World

What makes things sticky?

12 October 2020

Tim Horeman in various media

John van den Dobbelsteen and Tim Horeman, together with lab manager Rob Luttjeboer, have a successful way to test recycled sterilized masks and masks made from new materials

05 October 2020

John van den Dobbelsteen in various media

TU Delft and Van Straten Medical have developed and tested a process to reuse masks safely up to five times. The process can be applied directly and by all hospitals.

01 October 2020

Sarvesh Kolekar in various media

Self-driving cars can already do quite a bit, but driving as a human being requires something that algorithms cannot do very well: being insecure and careless. A new model that maps the mechanism behind human driving should change this.

18 September 2020

Erik Offerman in various media

Answer to the question of why disposable razors become dull so quickly. And what does a durable Iron Age look like?

14 September 2020

Joost de Winter in various media

Joost de Winter: "The industry is increasingly seeing the importance of research in the field of robotics. Delft engineers lead robotics solutions that enable a company to innovate its technologies."

03 September 2020

Burak Eral in various media

Burak Eral and his colleagues are developing a method that allows microparticles to be separated based on their shape.

03 September 2020

Lode Huijgens in Marine Professional

Exciting research by Lode Huijgens is helping to pave the way for the next generation of ship propulsion systems. Marine Professional finds out more.

03 September 2020

Rudy Negenborn in various media

How can transport on the Rhine between Rotterdam / Antwerp and Basel be improved? That is the central question in the Novimove research program: Novel inland waterway transport concepts for moving freight effectively. The European Commission has allocated nearly € 9 million to this four-year program from Horizon 2020, the Framework Program for Research and Innovation.

31 August 2020

Leo Kestens in NRC

Answer to the question of why disposable razors become dull so quickly.