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14 January 2021

Ad van Wijk in Delta

15 December 2020

Peter Steeneken in various media

10 December 2020

Wouter van den Bos in various media

TU Delft has developed software that makes it possible to calculate the risks of contamination with the corona virus for a specific area. The model virtually places a sick person in a room and simulates how quickly the virus particles spread. This can be used to calculate how safe it is in areas such as airplanes, classrooms or restaurants.

10 December 2020

Lorenzo Botto in various media

Researchers develop first model to guide large-scale production of ultrathin graphene

10 December 2020

Ad van Wijk in various media

According to professor Ad van Wijk, hydrogen is one of the most sustainable substances to store energy.

30 November 2020

Arjan Mol in various media

30 November 2020

Guido Sturm in Groente & Fruit Actueel

Twelve years ago, the first tests were already carried out with soil disinfection via microwaves. Researchers from various technical disciplines are currently working together to develop this idea into a practical application, as an alternative to soil steaming.

23 November 2020

Earl Goetheer in BNR

Scientists and engineers from the US have come up with a way to store electricity in a brick. "They modified it, and it works really well. But very different from a normal lithium battery, explains energy expert Earl Goetheer.

12 November 2020

Regine Vroom in Computer Idee

26 October 2020

Geeske Langejans in BBC World

What makes things sticky?