In the media

10 July 2019

Gerwin Smit in Delta

Assistant Professor Gerwin Smit of 3mE is developing a self-grasping prosthetic hand inspired by human anatomy.

27 June 2019

Mechanical Engineering Design competition 2019 in various media

The goal is to build a self-propelling mechanism that can continue its movement after a fall from table height, and then deliver a 'Golden Box'. Fall resistance is key.

20 June 2019

Robert Hekkenberg in Technisch Weekblad

Regarding the claim that autonomous sailing is more difficult in inland shipping than in shipping, Hekkenberg said that the challenges in both sectors are different. "At sea they are mainly in the engine room, in inland navigation more with navigation."

13 June 2019

Dutch Ocean Technology Centre in various media

TU Delft and TNO launched the Dutch Ocean Technology Center (DOTC) on 6 June.

11 June 2019

Wenbin Ma in Delta

Extracting raw materials from the seabed is costly and potentially quite damaging to the marine environment. Wenbin Ma developed a framework to weigh up all the factors.

03 June 2019

Geeske Langejans in Nieuws en Co

Geeske Langejans explains to NOS Nieuws en Co. the discovery in a cave of charred remnants of cooked starchy foods that are more than one hundred thousand years old. She explains what the archaeologists found and why the homo sapiens apparently were already well adapted to starch in prehistoric times.

03 June 2019

Arend Schwab in diverse media

The steer-assist system is the first system in the world that can keep a bicycle upright. ‘This system keeps the bike and its rider stable at speeds above 4 km/h,’ explains TU Delft researcher Dr Arend Schwab.

27 May 2019

Erik Offerman in EngineersOnline

While worldwide attention is mainly focused on reducing CO2 emissions and reducing energy consumption in order to combat climate change, insufficient attention is paid to the consequences of a shortage of materials. This mainly concerns so-called critical materials, materials that are crucial for our well-being and our economy. "Fortunately, there is a growing awareness that we need to pay much more attention to this," said Erik Offerman

26 May 2019

Ad van Wijk in various media

There will be cheap and green hydrogen, says Ad van Wijk, professor of Future Energy Systems.

21 May 2019

Andrea Mangel Raventos in Delta

PhD candidate Andrea Mangel Raventos thinks we need more women in leadership positions in science and technology.