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07 October 2021

Joris Dik in various media

07 October 2021

Heike Vallery in various media

04 October 2021

John van den Dobbelsteen in various media

04 October 2021

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04 October 2021

Bart van Straten in various media

20 September 2021

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14 September 2021

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08 September 2021

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30 August 2021

Ad van Wijk in various media

05 August 2021

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02 August 2021

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15 July 2021

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13 July 2021

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05 July 2021

Willem Haverkort in various media

28 June 2021

Yongxiang Yang in various media

14 June 2021

Geeske Langejans in various media

14 June 2021

Maarten van der Elst in various media

Maarten van der Elst, trauma surgeon at Reinier de Graaf and professor of safety at TU Delft, works daily with staplers and points out that research into malfunctioning specimens is difficult.

14 June 2021

Ivan Buijnsters in various media

03 June 2021

Javier Alonso-Mora in various media

03 June 2021

Paul Breedveld in various media

01 June 2021

Carlos Hernández Corbato in TechXplore

01 June 2021

Jan-Willem van Wingerden in KIJK Magazine

31 May 2021

Bendiks Jan Boersma in various media

25 May 2021

Earl Goetheer in various media

10 May 2021

Theun Baller in

10 May 2021

Jaap Harlaar in various media

TU Delft Master's students of Technical Medicine, under the supervision of Prof. Jaap Harlaar, want to develop a simple and relatively inexpensive ventilator as soon as possible.

12 April 2021

Hans Hopman in various media

08 April 2021

Jork Stapel in NRC

18 March 2021

Wim Haije in Atlas

08 March 2021

Carey Walters in Atlas

08 March 2021

Geert Keetels in various media

23 February 2021

Farbod Alijani in various media

21 February 2021

Gerard Verbiest in various media

Techniques to extract information from plants about what they need. In 4TU.techtalk #3 Gerard Verbiest (4TU Plantenna/ TU Delft) and Jan Westra (Priva) discuss smart agriculture.

21 January 2021

Johan Padding in KIJK Magazine

Glas is vloeibaar, noch vast. Om die reden bijten natuurkundigen al jaren hun tanden erop stuk. Maar nieuw onderzoek licht een tipje van de sluier op.

21 January 2021

Klaas Visser in various media

It looks like an old-fashioned steamboat with two tall chimneys. In reality, the 154-meter-long cargo ship SC Connector - with modern wind-powered propulsion - sails into the port of Rotterdam. "An important development."

15 December 2020

Peter Steeneken in various media

10 December 2020

Wouter van den Bos in various media

TU Delft has developed software that makes it possible to calculate the risks of contamination with the corona virus for a specific area. The model virtually places a sick person in a room and simulates how quickly the virus particles spread. This can be used to calculate how safe it is in areas such as airplanes, classrooms or restaurants.

10 December 2020

Lorenzo Botto in various media

Researchers develop first model to guide large-scale production of ultrathin graphene

10 December 2020

Ad van Wijk in various media

Ad van Wijk in various media

According to professor Ad van Wijk, hydrogen is one of the most sustainable substances to store energy.

30 November 2020

Arjan Mol in various media