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10 May 2021

A little walk can make ridesharing a lot more efficient

Ridesharing can benefit from using pick-up and drop-off points and asking users to walk a small distance. Researchers at TU Delft have analyzed this by using a real dataset of 10.000 Manhattan taxi trips. They have published their results online in Transportation Research Part C.

30 April 2021

TU Delft starts ‘Wind Farm Flow Control Project’

Together with CrossWindHKN Siemens Gamesa Eneco GROW offshore wind a group of researchers led by professor Jan-Willem Van Wingerden TU Delft have started the work on the "Dynamic Wind Farm Flow Control" project. This project focuses on reducing the wake effect by using real-time data that will contribute to a more constant electricity production.

22 April 2021

ERC Advanced Grant for smarter control of energy and transportation networks

In the future, we will see an increasing number of smart transportation and energy networks. However, online control of these large and complex networks is still far from optimal. Researcher Bart De Schutter has received a EUR 2.5 million ERC Advanced Grant from the European Union to tackle this problem over the next five years.

22 April 2021

Girls’ Day 2021: primary school introduced to BioMechanical Engineering

An operating robot inspired by the strength and movements of an animal. And an extremely strong human bone, the largest part of which resembles a sponge. During Girls’ Day 2021, Aimée Sakes and Eline Kolken (assistant professor and PhD student in BioMechanical Engineering) introduced pupils from the ages of 10 to 12 to the world of BioMechanical Engineering.

22 April 2021

Biomechanics researchers ‘appreciated’ for science communication

Researchers from the Department of BioMechanical Engineering, have been committed to science communication for years, on their own initiative. That’s why the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) is rewarding these enthusiastic biomechanical engineers with the Pilot Fund Science Communication ‘Appreciated’ of 10.000 euros.

19 April 2021

TU Delft develops ‘stumble tracker’ for trauma surgeon

We’re all familiar with the step tracker these days. Now there’s something new: the stumble tracker. This invention by TU Delft is helping a trauma surgeon at Erasmus MC to measure whether people using a new kind of prosthetic leg stumble less frequently. ‘This partnership has a bright future.’

14 April 2021

TU Delft research partner at solar parking lot in Dronten

A parking lot with solar panels where renewable energy generation, electric charging and energy storage are cleverly integrated. In the Municipality of Dronten, the official opening of a parking lot with 1,100 solar panels is taking place today, which, in combination with a large battery, will make the town hall energy-neutral.

25 March 2021

TU Delft participates in development of energy label for yachts

How enviromentally friendly is yacht building actually? Can you compare one yacht to another? And how can we ensure that all yacht builders take the same approach, so that we can ultimately reduce the footprint of yachts?

11 March 2021

Tech for Health: building a unique Erasmus MC lab to combat arthritis

This month, the University Fund and TU Delft launched a campaign called Tech for Health | Better healthcare thanks to Delft technology. The campaign comprises seven pioneering and illustrative studies, each symbolising the many unique innovations and collaborations taking place at TU Delft and the medical centres.

11 March 2021

Gerjo van Osch receives Suffrage Science Award on International Women’s Day

Gerjo van Osch, part-time professor of Integrative Cartilage Regeneration at the Department of BioMechanical Engineering and principal investigator at the Department of Orthopaedics & Otorhinolaryngology at Erasmus MC, received the Engineering and Physical Sciences Suffrage Science award on International Women’s Day.