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16 July 2018

Carlas Smith awarded Veni grant

16 July 2018

Seven Veni’s for TU Delft researchers

NWO has announced the Veni recipients for 2018. Amongst them are seven scientists from Delft University of Technology. The Veni grants allow researchers who have recently obtained their PhD to conduct independent research and develop their ideas for a period of three years. The seven recipients and their reseach topics are:

06 July 2018

Delft simulation model for optimum performance during team time trials

During his Mechanical Engineering degree programme, TU Delft student Mats Overtoom came up with a mathematical model that could provide answers to such questions as ‘What is the optimum changeover schedule for a cyclist in a team time trial?’ and ‘How fast does he need to cycle up a mountain to reach optimum performance?’. The input for the simulation model was data from cyclists from Team Sunweb and specific track information. It gives the Dumoulin team strategic tips for optimum performance, the best order of the cyclists and the length of turns on the front during a team time trial.

05 July 2018

3mE Lecturer of the year 2017-2018

05 July 2018

European Commission signs innovation programme agreement for the shipbuilding industry

05 July 2018

Explore the next-generation metrics tool

05 July 2018

Peter Wellens develops method for predicting wave loads in heavy storms

05 July 2018

First book dedicated entirely to the area “Intensification of Biobased Processes''

Professor Andrzej Stankiewicz (Process & Energy) and Andrzej Górak (Lodz University of Technology, Poland) have written the first book dedicated entirely to the area “Intensification of Biobased Processes”.

02 July 2018

Subsidy for making the ‘smartest part of the North Sea’

An advanced test area of 10 x 10 nautical miles (= about 185 football pitches) is planned for off the coast of The Hague, just outside the port of Scheveningen. This area is unique in the world. It is within this ‘smartest stretch of the North Sea’ that the likes of Delft Data Science (DDS) researchers Anna Vilanova and Elmar Eisemann will get the chance to further their research.

21 June 2018

Photo- impression mechanical engineering design competition 2018: 'battle of the container handler'