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18 February 2019

Bachelor students Marine Technology in Delta

Inflatable bracelets could help prevent ships from capsizing when damaged. Delft students calculated how this extra safety measure can be achieved.

12 February 2019

Barry Fitzgerald in Delta

For Barry Fitzgerald, superheroes like Iron Man are no longer fantasy. He aims to use technology to create actual superhuman powers that have a positive influence on society.

11 February 2019

Jan Klein on NPO Radio 1

Quarreling hospitals, from Sneek to Nijmegen (Dutch)

31 January 2019

Paul Breedveld in Alliance of Advanced BioMedical Engineering

The same mechanism that enables a parasitic wasp to lay her eggs inside a caterpillar without killing it could one day help surgeons operate deep inside the human brain or reach tumors in parts the body that are currently inaccessible.

30 January 2019

The (im)practibility of materials in a circular economy

Our growing world population and increasing prosperity is putting more and more pressure on global energy consumption and the demand for materials. The challenges in the area of energy consumption, materials consumption and climate change are closely interlinked, but the use of materials is often something we take for granted.

29 January 2019

A ship with airbags

How do you prevent a maritime disaster such as the one five years ago with the Korean ferry Sewol? And how do you give passengers more time to safely disembark during a critical situation?

28 January 2019

Nanoscale Failure in Steel

In our future energy system, electricity derived from solar panels and wind turbines, and heat derived from geothermal wells, heat pumps, solar collectors and urban surfaces will constitute cheap and abundant sources of carbon-free energy for our built environment and for our industries.

24 January 2019

TU Delft students present eight innovative robots

A robot that removes weeds, a robot that journeys deep below the sea and a robot that can fish blue algae from the water. These, together with five other robots, will be on display at the demo day of the TU Delft Minor in Robotics on Thursday, 30 January 2018.

24 January 2019

Nima Tolou in Delta

Pacemakers run out of batteries after around 7 years, so wearers undergo several open-heart operations during their lifetime to replace them. The solution? The heart itself.

22 January 2019

Victor Gonzalez and Joris Dik on Rembrandt’s painting technique in various media

Henk Polinder (MTT) has radio talk on challenges of wave energy extraction in NOS Radio 1 Journal. (Dutch)