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23 May 2018

A small volume of liquid is a big deal

18 May 2018

Delft sensors monitor performance in wheelchair sports

Rienk van der Slikke has developed a technique to monitor individual wheelchair mobility performance using small sensors. On Friday 25 May, he will be awarded his PhD at TU Delft for his work on the subject.

17 May 2018

A new understanding of complex carbides in creep resistant chromium steels and super alloys

08 May 2018

Open Days for secondary school students at 3mE (26 May 2018)

On Saturday 26 May, TU Delft will be organising the last Open Day of this academic year. Secondary school students and their parents will be given information about programmes in two-hour rounds. The information sessions for Marine Technology and Clinical Technology will take place in our building; Mechanical Engineering will be in the Aula (Auditorium and Senate Room) as a result of the amount of visitors.

08 May 2018

Test developed which predicts degradation 20th century paintings

Titanium white is a pigment used in the 20th century by painters like Picasso and Mondriaan. The ‘bad’ version of this pigment can lead to early aging of paintings when expowed to UV light. TU Delft researcher Birgit van Driel has - in close cooperation with AkzoNobel, the Rijksmuseum and the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, and within the context of the Netherlands Institute for Conservation+Art+Science+ (NICAS) - developed a straightforward method to estimate the potential risk to painting. This will enable museums to take timely action to prevent damage to paintings. On Wednesday 9 May, Birgit will be defending her PhD at TU Delft.

04 May 2018

Plantenna towards an Internet Of Plants

The 4TU.Federation has awarded a total of 22 million euros to five proposals within the framework of the call ‘High Tech for a Sustainable Future’, thus giving a strong impetus to research into sustainable technology.

01 May 2018

Innovative nanotransistor for easy measurement of electrolyte concentration in blood

Remco Hartkamp, tenure-track lecturer of computational chemical physics at the Department of Process & Energy, developed a new method, together with researchers from the CNRS in France and the NTT Basic Research Laboratories in Japan, that will make it easier to measure the concentration of different electrolytes in the body using a nanotransistor.

30 April 2018

First papers published in TU Delft’s Open Access Journal Superhero Science and Technology

In the same week as the worldwide release of Avengers: Infinity War, the latest Hollywood superhero film, the first papers and editorial have been published in the new superhero-themed online journal. The papers in Superhero Science and Technology focus on two members of the Avengers - the Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes) and Iron Man (Tony Stark).

26 April 2018

Royal Honours for Prof. Jenny Dankelman

26 April 2018

Royal honours for three TU Delft professors

TU Delft professors Isabel Arends, Jenny Dankelman and Andy van den Dobbelsteen each received a royal honour this year.