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16 September 2018

Students win world championship with high-tech recumbent bike

Cyclist Lieke de Cock won the world championship for cycling in the Nevada desert in the US with a speed of 120 km/h.

13 September 2018

Superhero Science: the impenetrable skin of superhero Colossus

13 September 2018

Smart choice of materials crucial for future

12 September 2018

The Physiology of Impenetrable Skin: Colossus of the X-Men

One superpower that gains constant attention is that of impenetrability, a power possessed by superheroes like Luke Cage, Wonder Woman, Superman and Colossus. In a recent paper in Advances in Physiology Education, Barry W. Fitzgerald considers how Colossus’ skin might work.

04 September 2018

100th anniversary of fluid mechanics

23 August 2018

NWO START-UP grant for Carlas Smith

21 August 2018

3mE researchers receive ERC Starting Grant

16 July 2018

Carlas Smith awarded Veni grant

16 July 2018

Seven Veni’s for TU Delft researchers

NWO has announced the Veni recipients for 2018. Amongst them are seven scientists from Delft University of Technology.

06 July 2018

Delft simulation model for optimum performance during team time trials

During his Mechanical Engineering degree programme, TU Delft student Mats Overtoom came up with a mathematical model that could provide answers to such questions as ‘What is the optimum changeover schedule for a cyclist in a team time trial?’ and ‘How fast does he need to cycle up a mountain to reach optimum performance?’. The input for the simulation model was data from cyclists from Team Sunweb and specific track information. It gives the Dumoulin team strategic tips for optimum performance, the best order of the cyclists and the length of turns on the front during a team time trial.