MSc Systems & Control

Introduction week 2019

The Delft Center for Systems and Control organises an Introduction Week (Monday 2 September till Friday 6 September) for all new students starting the MSc program in Systems & Control. During this days there is a full program with introductions and presentations by all DCSC staff members, lab visits, activities etc.

From Monday till Wednesday the program takes place at the TU Delft (in different rooms/locations) and from Wednesday till Friday we will stay at an accommodation outside Delft, about 1 hour by bus. DCSC will arrange the transport on Wednesday and Friday. The program of the introduction week can be found here.

More information on the Introduction week is given on the Systems and Control Brightspace site.

MSc program, first year:

Obligatory system & control courses (36 ECTS)

The obligatory part of the first year consists of 8 courses:

  • SC42005 Introduction Project SC (3 EC
  • SC42010 Robust and Multivariable Control Design (5 EC)
  • SC42015 Control Theory (6 EC)
  • SC42025 Filtering & Identification (6 EC)
  • SC42035 Integration Project Systems and Control (5 EC)
  • SC42055 Optimization in Systems and Control (4 EC)
  • SC42060 Nonlinear Systems Theory (4 EC)
  • WM0349WB Philosophy of engineering science and design (3 EC)

The obligatory courses ensure that each student meets the academic standards in Systems & Control.

Elective system & control courses (18 ECTS to select)

The elective system & control courses has to be chosen in agreement with the MSc-coordinator from a predefined list. This list can be found in the the MSc study guide. More information about the elective courses an be found on Brightspace..

Free technical elective part (6 ECTS to select)

The free elective part consists of technical MSc courses, to be chosen in agreement with the MSc-coordinator. 

Final thesis project market

Every year a final thesis market is organized for students who will start their final thesis project at DCSC in the near future. The idea of the meeting is that staff members, PhD students and other researchers will tell about their research and possible thesis projects, and students will be able to ask questions.

More information will be send to the students by email.

DSA Kalman

MSc students of DCSC can join DSA Kalman. DSA Kalman is the study association in Delft Center for Systems and Control (DCSC) representing students pursuing MSc. in Systems and Control. As a committee of students they are dedicated to improve several aspects of the student life.



Read more about the programme in Systems & Control on Brightspace.

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