Materials Science and Engineering is an interdisciplinary field covering the study of the physical, chemical and mechanical aspects of material properties. It combines this with training in production techniques and material selection for a wide range of applications.

We teach students to understand the behaviour of materials under different conditions and assess their suitability in products and industrial processes. More specifically, they are taught how to design material properties at nano and micro levels to suit applications on different scales. With a strong focus on the design of new materials, the programme finds itself at the forefront of modern technology. Covering subjects from atoms to applications, from material design to disposal, it attracts students from fundamental science as well as applied engineering backgrounds.

The mission is to offer students high-quality, multi-disciplinary education, and to turn out graduates capable of making immediate and significant contributions to a wide range of industrial and academic areas at a global level. More specifically, the following mission statements serve as our guiding principles:

  • to provide students with a sound and thorough understanding of the underlying scientific and engineering principles involved in Materials Science and Engineering;
  • to enhance knowledge of materials design, selection, processing and characterisation with relevance to a broad range of industrial and other applications;
  • to build up awareness of the environmental, economic and human aspects of materials selection, usage, recycling and disposal;
  • to provide students with skills in the planning, execution and reporting of materials processing, characterisation, and implementation for relevant applications;
  • to let students become acquainted with high level materials science research, involving state-of-the-art characterisation tools and contacts with ambitious and leading materials researchers.

MSE is active in two Bachelor programs:

  • Bachelor Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor Maritime Engineering

 and one MSc program:

  • Master Materials Science and Engineering