MSc programme

MSE Introduction week 2019

The Materials Science and Engineering department is organizing an introduction week (Monday 2 September to Friday 6 September) for all new students starting the MSc program in Materials Science and Engineering. During these days there is a full program with introductions and presentations by MSE employees, laboratory visits, activities etc. You will receive more information by e-mail. If you have any questions, send an email to

Master Materials Science and Engineering

The MSc Programme in Materials Science & Engineering combines studies of the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of materials with training in production techniques and the selection of appropriate materials for a wide range of applications. In the programme, you will gain an understanding of the behaviour of materials under different conditions and learn how to assess their suitability in products and industrial processes. You will study the design of new materials that perform better, last longer, enhance function, conserve resources and have a low environmental footprint. Covering subjects from atoms to applications and from design to disposal, the Materials Science & Engineering programme is well suited to meet the expectations of students with a more theoretical background as well as those with backgrounds in applied science and engineering.  

The first year of the MSc Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) contains a core programme (41 EC) which offers a firm grounding in Materials Science. Students entering the MSE programme should make sure they identify possible topics which, considering their background, require additional effort and make sure they pay sufficient attention to them.
In December of the first-year students choose a specialization (39 EC), which is a consistent set of obligatory and elective courses focused on a particular topic starting in the 3rd quarter. This specialization can be one of four predefined specializations or a self-defined specialisation with a coherent theme addressing a material related subject of interest:

•    Materials in Engineering Applications (MEA)
The MEA specialisation focuses on the usage of materials in applications and structures and how material properties influence performance. Attention is paid to processing, joining, selection and failure of materials.

•    Metals Science and Technology (MST)
In the MST specialisation, attention is paid to the design and performance of metallic microstructures by considering aspects such as phase transformations, strengthening mechanisms and processing. This specialisation includes the study of degradation due to corrosion and the prediction of properties computational perspective.

•    Materials for Sustainable Development (MSD)
The emphasis in the MSD specialisation is on materials engineering in the context of sustainable resources (materials and energy) and environmental impact. Concepts such as clean energy technologies, high temperature performance and recycling of materials are addressed. 

 •    Advanced Construction Materials: Roads & Buildings (ACM)
This specialization focuses on civil engineering and infrastructure industries and allows materials science MSc students to study modelling and experimental aspects of advanced construction materials in depth.  

Finally students undertake a literature study (10 EC) and an independent scientific investigation leading to a Master’s thesis (35 EC).